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Onamia Mayor

Larry E. Milton

Council Members

Bill Hill Jr.

Robert Mickus

Mark Loch

Jerome Kryzer


Mickey Carter


Kathleen McCullum


The mayor, the city council, and the zoning guy are the current "planning committee" for Onamia.


What are their qualifications?


None. They don't have any.


What training do they have?


None. They don't have any.





"And I suspect that what you'll see, Toby, is there will be a momentum, momentum will be gathered. Houses will begat jobs, jobs will begat houses." --George W. Bush

Wednesday 6/13/07

Flawed Annexation Passes Unanimously !

ONAMIA, MN - Despite an impressively representative citizens' petition protesting the acquisition, annexation, and rezoning of 38 acres in Bradbury Township, and with total disregard to flaws in the annexation process, Mayor Larry E. Milton and members of the Onamia City Council voted unanimously to pass the annexation without discussion.

A group of residents from the OACRG (Onamia Area Citizens for Responsible Growth) attended Wednesday's  Public Hearing and Special City Council Meeting to inform the city government of several improprieties pertaining to the proposed annexation of land owned by Marvin and Avis Grosslein of Massachusetts. Individuals argued in vain before the determined council, encouraging them to reasonable and postpone annexation until corrections can be made. Mayor Larry Milton ignored the concerned citizens' pleas for proper procedure and called for a vote for immediate annexation without amendment.

Problems with Annexation


Council fails to meet standard guidelines as laid out by the League of Minnesota Cities' Handbook of Minnesota Cities.


Onamia has no current Comprehensive Municipal Plan


Annexation does not follow Onamia's Growth Management System for City of Onamia, MN (1978) which is its most recent planning resource.


The Petition for Annexation is invalid


The Purchase Agreement is invalid


Conflicts with land use compatibility which violate Onamia City Ordinances


Proposed Spot Zoning


City Council Minutes indicate lack of protocol, Open Meeting violations, and disregard for proper procedure

The council sat quietly as problems were brought to their attention by informed citizens. Afterwards, zoning administrator Mickey Carter, who has already stated publicly that he has no qualifications or training in zoning administration or city planning, advised that the Grosslein property be zoned R2 in the future. With that, the vote quickly followed to annex the 38 acres. Bill Hill: Aye. Bob Mickus: Aye. Mark Loch: Aye. Larry Milton: Aye. Jerome Kryzer: Aye. With all of its errors, with no corrections, annexation passed unanimously.

One wonders why the mayor and city council didn't postpone the annexation until they could take the time to correct the errors, many of which point to their own incompetence and carelessness.

"This outcome is no surprise," said one citizen who opposes the annexation. "This arrogant mayor along with his dim-witted, incompetent city council seem to think that they are entitled to do whatever they damn well please, no matter how wrong it is. Breaking or bending the rules means nothing to this pack of thieves. They may be self-serving assholes, filled with grandiose delusions, but unfortunately, they have succeeded once again."

Read Details about the Faulty Annexation


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The Handbook for Minnesota Cities is an excellent reference for city governments. It shows how to do things

the right way.


Bradbury Township is separate from the City of Onamia. Bradbury residents consider Onamia their city: their address is "Onamia" and the post office handles their mail, for example. Bradburians work in Onamia, shop in town, eat at the cafes, buy gas, participate in local events, go to church, volunteer for the fire department, their kids go to school in Onamia, etc. Onamia, small as it might be,  is their city too. They consider themselves residents of Onamia. If asked, "Where do you live? Where are you from?" a Bradburian will answer, "Onamia".  However, living across the border in Bradbury Township, residents do not vote in Onamia. They are not allowed to vote for the Onamia Mayor or City Council. Therefore, the government that made the decisions to acquire, annex, rezone, and build the Nexus sex offender facility is NOT their representative government. It is like a foreign invasion.

What the Onamia government is doing to their Bradbury residents is just plain WRONG!



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