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UPDATE from Hannabelle

In 2007, when the Onamia City Council joined the Nexus Corporation, in a blatant abuse of power, these five men did whatever it took to accomplish their agenda. They removed the rights of citizens. They changed the laws they could and ignored the laws they couldn't change. This page illustrates how hard we tried to stop them.

Don't Be Fooled!


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Sorry Bill

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Just one sex offender in your neighborhood  can drop your property value by 17%

and make your property next to impossible to sell.




My home has been on the market since 2009 and has not had one potential buyer look at it. It's a nice place but nobody wants to live in Onamia anymore.



No Annexation Without Representation!

Hannabelle's Blog:

 The Bradbury Buzzz

Caution: Not for the politically correct.


Warning! Danger!

Your "rights" as an American citizen may no longer be recognized or respected by your local government. What has happened to this little neighborhood in Bradbury Township - just west of Onamia, Minnesota could happen to you too. Don't kid yourself that it won't. We have all seen changes in our country. The "Post 911 Era" has taught Americans to accept the removal of our Constitutional Rights with complacency. At the federal level, (specifically the Bush Administration) we've experienced the overstepping of boundaries never before breached in our history. As we have amply demonstrated on this website: If you do not stand up for yourself, your family, your neighborhood AND your Constitutional rights, nobody will. We encourage you to act as watchdogs. Attend your local city council meetings, or run for office yourself (if you're honest and trustworthy....),  take the initiative to protect yourself from the corporatization of America and bad local government.

We hope you have better luck than we did.



April 30, 2008

If you have anything to say to the Onamia Fascists, you'd better do it now. They'll be loading us on the trains shortly.

Sig Heil.

Public - We're Doing It Anyway - Hearing

3:30 p.m. at City Hall

Unanimous passing of this atrocity to follow immediately thereafter.


The Tuesday, April 2 Meeting has been CANCELED!

No further details are available because Onamia City Clerk Kathleen McCullum has been instructed by City Attorney Bob Ruppe to deny citizens access to public information. Any questions must now go through him.


Monday, March 3

3:00 p.m.


improper rezoning of the


The city of Onamia has yet to have a Public Hearing on this Nexus issue. Their actions have been irresponsible and unconscionable. Public Hearings are mandatory by the State, or the city wouldn't bother. But their decisions are predetermined without any consideration of the public. Please attend this meeting and hold the city council accountable.

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Onamia City Councilman Jerome Kryzer has been missing for months! Rumor has it he doesn't live in Onamia during the winter and may have gone south to avoid the cold weather in Minnesota. If you see him, please remind him of his obligation to attend city council meetings.


While Jerome is "on vacation", the city council is working diligently to force the sex offenders into a residential neighborhood.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

4:30 p.m. Onamia (Nexusville) City Hall

Come see what the Onamia City Goofballs have come up with this time!

Creative Zoning to put sex offenders next to daycare?

Only in Nexusville!

Onamia City Clowns Acting Goofy at the Onamia (Nexusville) City Hall

Repeat Performance!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

4:30 pm

These crazy constitution cut-ups are at it again! Having failed to properly notify citizens (as required by LAW), the Nexusville Clowns will hold another Public Hearing to CHANGE CITY ORDINANCES.


If you don't care, don't come.

If you're tired of our BAD GOVERNMENT TAKING AWAY YOUR RIGHTS AS CITIZENS, then show up and give 'em hell.

Of course, it won't do any good (since they just do what they want), but it could be fun to see


starring the contemptible council:

Larry Milton, Bill Hill, Mark Loch, Jerome Kryzer??? (didn't he go home for the winter?), and Bob Mickus.

Onamia City Clowns Encore Performance at City Hall

Wednesday, December 19

2:30 pm

Come watch as Mayor Larry E. Milton and the Onamia City Council pass an amendment to a city ordinance so outrageous that we're inviting Jerry Springer! These five bozos have created a very special and UNIQUE R2 zoning to include specifically - SEX OFFENDER TREATMENT CENTERS! Yes, you too will now be able to have your own Nexus sex offender facility (or any other juvenile sex offender institution, for that matter) placed in YOUR OWN BACKYARD!!! Now you get to know how WE feel! Yay!

Come share a SAD DAY for our community!

UPDATE: The Mille Lacs County Commissioners DID make the same stupid mistake as Milton and the Minions. Get your revenge at the 2008 elections!

Tuesday, December 4     

10 am

County Commissioners Board Meeting

Public Hearing on NEXUS Tax Abatement

Come see if the County Commissioners make the same stupid mistake as Milton and the Minions!

at Mille Lacs County Courthouse

Be there or be square

Its not business,



Der Fuhrer

Wednesday November 14

4:30 pm at Onamia City Hall


Onamia City Council will approve


Nexus is a multimillion dollar corporation which claims it cannot afford to pay taxes although this "nonprofit" company raked in over a million dollars in profits last year. The Mille Lacs Academy, one of - if not the top money-making sex offender institution in Minnesota pulls in over $22,000 PER DAY! The city council plans to give them a $35,000 tax abatement which would take NEXUS less that two days to pay. This free ride will last at least 15 years.

Come watch the show! See it with your own eyes! It will be such a circus that they'll be able to sell popcorn and balloons on the street... Come see Larry Milton and the Onamia city council pretend to listen to the people and then do whatever they want anyway.

Fascism at its finest!




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