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January 9, 2008

To: Onamia City Council

We the adjacent property owners, as signified by our signatures to this letter demand that the City of Onamia discontinue the rezoning of the 38 acres annexed from Bradbury Township as R-2 .

The minimum requirements, as stated under the "Administration" section of the city ordinance is to promote public health, safety, and welfare. We do not agree with the ordinance change, allowing residential sexual treatment facilities for minors as a permitted use in an R-2. Single family, multi family, and juvenile sex offenders do not go together, and it definitely does not promote public health, safety and welfare.

The purposed changes that you have made to your zoning ordinances to accommodate Nexus, and the manner in which you have handled this process are in direct violation of the City of Onamia ordinances.

The City Council of Onamia has given no consideration to the economic or psychological impact that this project will have on the adjoining property owners. Public meetings have been held as a requirement of law only. The input garnered from these meetings was never intended to be used to make an informed decision as to the wisdom or appropriateness of this project and the adverse affect it would have on us.

Again we ask the city council not to move ahead with the rezoning of this property until a planning commission has been established as stated in the Onamia City Ordinances.

When the planning commission has been established the commission can then work through the process to properly zone this property.




Nothing anyone said would have any effect on the Onamia City Council. They had already made up their minds long before citizens even knew that there was a scheme in the works. Nexus would build on the Bye property in Bradbury Township.

There was nothing anybody could do to stop them.

They disregarded state laws and changed their own ordinances to benefit Nexus.

They acted in secret.

They acted without conscience.

Five men on a corrupt small town city council had the power to ruin everything for the Bradbury neighbors who couldn't vote them out of office or run against them.





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