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The Appeal

The Minnesota Court of Appeals consists of a panel of judges. Since Terri Stoneburner was the one in charge, I'll single her out... Once again, this hearing was to rule on my Motion to Dismiss under the MN Anti-SLAPP Law. And once again, I listened to Nexus Attorney Victor Lund malign my purpose and my character. My lawyer, Marshall Tanick, never objected.


A few things greatly disturbed me about the Appeals hearing. First, like Rosenbaum, Stoneburner appeared hostile to me and my lawyer. It was as if she'd made up her mind before the hearing even started that I was a "gadfly" who sat at my computer making stuff up because I thought it was funny and because I had nothing better to do. So, she didn't like me. That was obvious.

Most of the hearing seemed geared around determining my intent. I was sitting right there. They could have asked me. But instead, they discussed possible reasons for my actions among themselves without me. She concluded that I acted with malice.

She totally discounted the death threats I had received, concluding that I lied about them.

Of course, she hadn't read the Mille Lacs News, the Bradbury Buzzz, or watched the videos I made. All she listened to were the lies that Victor Lund told the panel about me. The panel just sat there.

Now ironically, Judge Terri Stoneburner, who used the Internet to procure favorable VOTER action, could not see how I used the Internet to procure favorable GOVERNMENT action. She didn't see that the city council members and the mayor could read my stuff. I know for a fact that at least some of them did. It was also available to their voters. Who in the world did she think I was writing for? (Geez!)

Like Rosenbaum, Stoneburner made her decision based on her own assumptions. Incorrect assumptions.

I really regret that I'd voted for Stoneburner. I'd watched her YouTube campaign videos and thought she would be wise and fair. She was neither.

Stoneburner's short-sighted, closed-minded, biased, ignorant, opinionated OPINION caused my financial ruin. State law mandates that had the court seen how this lawsuit violated the Anti-SLAPP statute, Hannabelle would automatically have been awarded costs and legal fees. But neither the District nor Minnesota Appeals Court recognized how the Internet is used as a tool to procure favorable government action. Perhaps one day this will change. Or perhaps Freedom of Speech is dying. Because Hannabelle used the Internet "in part" to lobby the Onamia city council and the citizens who vote for them, her motion to dismiss was denied.  Rosenbaum's decision was affirmed and trial was set. [ Court of Appeals Denial ]


The Minnesota Supreme Court

My petition for appeal was denied due to state budget cuts.


My Lawyer

I hired Marshall Tanick to defend me. Over the next few years, I paid him my entire life's savings and ended up indigent (broke) and facing two trials. I'd better not say anything disparaging about Marshall, because there is no doubt in my mind that he wouldn't turn around and sue me in a heartbeat. I will say that in my opinion, I didn't get my money's worth. And as soon as he had all of my money, he dropped me like a hot potato (that's an idiom...) I marched on ahead by myself - pro se.


The 40 million dollar Nexus Corporation paid for D'Angelo and Freeman's lawyer in their SLAPP lawsuit against me. It didn't hurt them to sue me. It destroyed me financially. Of course, they knew it would.

Next: Mediation and Trial


Hannabelle says:

My sole intent was to stop the relocation of the Mille Lacs Academy into the private residential neighborhood where I'd resided for thirty years.

I protested the relocation project because of the malfeasance of the city council, because of the lack of proper procedures, because it is wrong to put sex offenders next to Day Care, elderly widows, disabled folks, and children.

We were being bullied. I was sued because I refused to "go away" (as D'Angelo said.)

I was being sued because I "didn't show Mr. D'Angelo proper respect", as convicted embezzler Mille Lacs Academy Director Paul Smith said.

This was as good of a SLAPP lawsuit as it gets. But I was sent back to District Court to stand trial for calling a man "Poopsie".


It speaks volumes that just days before my trial, Jim D'Angelo and Peter Freeman dropped the case.



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