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Motion to Dismiss -

the MN Anti-SLAPP Statute 554

The Minnesota Anti-SLAPP - Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation, is a law whose purpose is to protect citizen activists like Hannabelle from being strategically sued to intimidate them into silence. When Hannabelle asked D'Angelo why he had sued her, D'Angelo laughed and made the admission, "We thought you'd go away!"  [Note: D'Angelo later lied under oath, flat out denying that he'd ever made that damning statement. D'Angelo's Affidavit] Although D'Angelo admitted to Hannabelle that the lawsuit was strategic - its purpose to silence the citizen journalist, the judge didn't believe her, choosing to believe the corporate chief instead.


Judge Marilyn Brown Rosenbaum issued her decision on March 5, 2009 denying the motion to dismiss on the grounds that [Hannabelle's] statements were "not genuinely aimed at procuring favorable government action" "but were instead intentionally aimed at audiences having no connection with the public project and controversy."  Anyone savvy enough to be reading this article online right now knows the incredible defect in her judgment. The Internet can't influence the government? She is a mind-reader who can determine a person's aim? Hannabelle was Rosenbombed.

Point of Interest:

Attorney Victor Lund lied about me. I can't stress this enough. He told every judge in district court and the court of appeals that I was a mean, malicious, vindictive person. He said that I just "sat around on [my] computer making things up because [I] thought they were funny". He demeaned me. He made up strange scenarios about me and presented them as fact. Whereas I did my very best to report facts and tell the Truth, Victor Lund stood before the judges and lied about me. He defamed me.

But guess what? Lawyers have immunity to that sort of thing. It's perfectly acceptable (even expected) for lawyers to lie in court. Sucks, doesn't it. But woe to the defendant who wiggles or cringes while these lies are being spewed about her.


Next: The Appeal



You might have noticed that there is nothing I'd rather do than be forced to fight tooth and nail to protect my family and save my home... (she said sarcastically).

Yet time and again throughout four years of proceedings, Nexus attorney Victor Lund told judges that I was a "gadfly" who liked to stir up trouble at city hall meetings because I was "bored".

Truth: I've never attended a city council meeting before Nexus or since there were no further options left to us to stop them.

During that two years, however, I attended more meetings than any of the councilmen, including the mayor.

I also attended county commissioner meetings and Bradbury Town Hall meetings.

(I hate meetings.)

And that's not trying to procure favorable government action?


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