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Judge Rosenbaum ordered mandatory Mediation in September 2010. The purpose of Mediation is to help the opposing parties come together and with the help of an impartial mediator, negotiate a settlement agreement without actually going through a trial. Jim D'Angelo failed to appear at the court appointed mediation. Peter Freeman hid in a room somewhere. I never saw him. (Whereas I spent a lot of time with D'Angelo at city and county meetings and such, I never met Peter Freeman.) There was no attempt by Plaintiffs at fair negotiation. After everything they put me through, they actually demanded that I publicly apologize to Freeman and D'Angelo and tell everybody that I lied about everything. They wanted me to sign a paper that said I would never ever ever again talk about them. If I did everything they demanded, they would drop BOTH of their lawsuits.

I refused to settle. I was actually looking forward to my trial by jury. I would finally get to tell my story to real people.

The Trial

The trial was scheduled for December 28 and 29, 2010. In November, Freeman and D'Angelo withdrew their request for a jury. Hannabelle demanded a jury but was not allowed to have one, thus being denied more Constitutional Rights. After Hannabelle was forced once again to get a lawyer to help her get a jury for her trial,  Freeman and D'Angelo abruptly dropped the lawsuit in early December. "We can't prove damages," Victor Lund stated during a telephone conference with Hannabelle and Judge Rosenbaum.

But it wasn't over yet. Freeman and D'Angelo still pursued a court injunction to remove my First Amendment Rights. The "injunction hearing" was slated for December 29, 2010. Minneapolis attorney Andrew Jackola represented Hannabelle in what turned out to be exactly what Frangelo wanted - a trial without a jury.  

"Plaintiffs' request for injunctive relief is denied."

Judge Rosenbaum's verdict

(I won, sort of)

But after all of the hoopla, despite all of the Plaintiffs' shenanigans, Judge Rosenbaum denied their injunction. Having waived any legal remedy and failing to get an injunction to silence me, after nearly four years of spending thousands upon thousands  of dollars on legal costs, Freeman and D'Angelo walked away with nothing. Absolutely nothing. (Later, I received $410 that Nexus had to pay me. I turned it over to my lawyer...)

Whereas Freeman, D'Angelo and Lund were "Rosenbombed", so was the innocent defendant - Free Speech champion Hannabelle. The judge who simply couldn't comprehend the power of the Internet to influence government (the Huffington Post?) and who said "The Anti-SLAPP law is meant to be a shield, not a sword" - totally clueless about the purpose of the Anti-SLAPP Law - while allowing Corporate terrorists to use the Justice System as a nuclear weapon against a private citizen trying to protect her neighborhood from Nexus and their sex offenders, also ruled that calling someone second grader names such as "arrogant" and "egotistical" is defamatory.

But when you think about it, why would any judge rule against a mega-corporation with all those high ranking government officials sitting on its board of directors - capable of possible favors, and of course, with all that money... Contributions? If you were a judge that didn't understand the law you were supposed to be ruling on, why would you rule in favor of a now indigent, disabled musician whose speech you've now surely "chilled" through your intimidation and prejudice that she'll finally shut up forever and as D'Angelo said, will just "go away"?

You have the Right to Remain Silent - and Go Away

"I stand by everything I wrote about Freeman and D'Angelo. They defamed themselves by their own bad behavior. I just called them on it. As a kid, I was taught that 'actions speak louder than words.' The judge opted to just listen to the lies of Victor Lund - and to believe him rather than to seek the Truth. In the end, she gave something to both sides in order to avoid more appeals - like splitting a popsicle between two children to get them to stop bickering. Frangelo didn't deserve their half. I told the Truth and expressed my Constitutionally protected opinions. It is scary that Minnesota judges could be so wrong. It isn't about Justice. It's not even about the Law. It's really all about their next election."


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