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Attorney Victor Lund repeatedly stressed that the entire world was watching. What the judges totally missed was that the Onamia Mayor, City Council, County Commissioners were all reading Hannabelle, or had the opportunity to do so. They were the only ones who mattered -


they were the only ones who could stop the project from going forward.

The lawyer's job is not to prosecute or defend. Nor is it to win the case. The lawyer's objective is to extend court proceedings until all possible client money has been turned over to the lawyers. They seem to work as a team that way. There's a reason they are called "bloodsucking lawyers."



The Complaint

In the Summon's and Complaint, Nexus attorney Victor E. Lund stated:


"The contents of e-mails sent by [Hannabelle]  to Peter Freeman's fellow faculty members at the University of St. Thomas and the College of St. Catherine are false, scurrilous and defamatory. They have caused Peter Freeman embarrassment and injured his reputation. The statements tend to lower Peter Freeman's co-workers' estimation of him. The statements tend to call into question his competence as a member of the Department of Social Work. The statements have caused monetary damages in an amount yet to be determined."

 Truth is absolute defense in charges of defamation. Hannabelle has always contended that she told the truth. The Constitution of the United States grants citizens the Right to have and express their opinions. Her only intention in sending the email was to keep the sex offender institution out of her residential neighborhood. Read "No Blood on My Hands - Peter D. Freeman"  *

In the Complaint, Victor goes on to say:

"[Hannabelle], on her web page, The Bradbury Buzzz, on postings first made in July 2007 and still present on the web page, made numerous false and defamatory statements about James D' Angelo. The postings state that among other things, that D' Angelo is "egocentric," "arrogant," "a snake," "narcissistic," "cold blooded," "an insensitive numbskull," "without a clue," "missing a heart," "liar," and "lacking character.""

The rest of the Complaint was based on one paragraph of one article, "Can You Hear Me Now?" which was written with so much  hyperbole and outrageousness that nobody could take it seriously. Nobody except Jim D'Angelo. He apparently took it very seriously indeed. His reaction was to sue Hannabelle. Note: Hannabelle also wrote about "Poopsie". D'Angelo claims that he is "Poopsie".




Next: Motion to Dismiss


All opinions expressed in the Mille Lacs News are OPINIONS. The United States Constitution gives every citizen  the RIGHT to have them and the RIGHT to express them.

* Note:

You might notice that the Mille Lacs News and the Bradbury Buzzz are still up and running on the Internet.

However, through some courtroom shenanigans, the article "No Blood on My Hands - Peter D. Freeman" was ordered removed from the MLN website by Judge Rosenbaum - because the article embarrassed Peter.

If embarrassment were grounds for a lawsuit, the courts would be so filled that there would be no room to try criminals.

Judge Rosenbaum

It is my opinion that Judge Rosenbaum does not understand the First Amendment, nor does she comprehend the MN Anti-SLAPP Law. But maybe she just didn't understand what it's like to try to save your home. She bought into Victor's gadfly bit. I thought I was being honorable and brave.

I do believe she's quite savvy when it comes to wealth, politics and power, however.


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