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Court of Appeals Denial

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Update 2015: by Hannabelle

Most of what you'll find on the Internet about Freeman/D'Angelo vs Swift (Hannabelle) concerns my Motion to Dismiss under the Minnesota SLAPP Law (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation). Judge Rosenbaum denied this motion. I appealed and the Appeals Court also denied the motion to dismiss and sent me back to district court to stand trial for "Defamation". So where you might find online that I "lost" in court, it was only the motion to dismiss that I lost. I never actually had my day in court. First, Rosenbaum denied my right to a jury of my peers. Second, a few days before my scheduled trial, D'Angelo and Freeman dropped all charges against me. Since I did not break the law, there was no defamation,  and I was erroneously dragged through the court system in a frivolous SLAPP lawsuit, I am confident that had I faced a jury (one that had nothing to gain from lying and had not been paid off), I would definitely have prevailed. As it happened, I prevailed anyway. Below is what I wrote about it during that historical time period.

Hannabelle Wins

 D'Angelo and Freeman Lose


In the fall of 2007, Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo and Nexus board member Peter D. Freeman filed a "defamation" lawsuit in Hennepin Fourth District Court against Bradbury Township citizen "Hannabelle E. Lector". While fighting to keep the Onamia city council from conspiring with the Nexus Corporation to construct a commercial facility to house 94 convicted juvenile sex offender in her residential neighborhood, Hannabelle acted as a whistle-blower. As part of her activism, she created and developed The Mille Lacs News, an independent news source and The Bradbury Buzzz, an opinion blog. Hannabelle used words as her weapon.

As part of her strategy to influence the Onamia city council Hannabelle phoned Nexus board member Peter D. Freeman to solicit his aid in finding an appropriate location for the Mille Lacs Academy - rather than the property chosen by the Onamia City Council  which placed sex offenders next to daycare, families with children, disabled residents, and elderly widows. When Peter D. Freeman, a trained social worker hung up the phone, refusing to listen or talk with her, she sent an email to his supervisor requesting her help. What Freeman was involved with was unethical, immoral, and at the time, illegal. It was not her intention to embarrass Freeman. It was her intention to convince him to stop Nexus from building on the chosen site.

A self-purported expert in "conflict resolution", Freeman's first response was to litigate.



Next: The Complaint

All opinions expressed in the Mille Lacs News are OPINIONS. The United States Constitution gives every citizen  the RIGHT to have them and the RIGHT to express them.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."


You disapprove of what I say, but I will defend to the death my right to say it.


"Why did you sue me?" Hannabelle asked.

"We thought you'd go away," D'Angelo said.

This is the essence of a SLAPP - Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.

I told the truth. I fought Nexus and the corrupt City Hall using words. I used hyperbole, metaphors, analogies, and my opinion based on facts. Allowable speech under the First Amendment. But, D'Angelo and Freeman sued me anyway.

One lawsuit stopped any further protesting against the sex offender relocation project. Metaphor - one bullet dropping an entire army.

It was effective - which is why there is a law against what Freeman and D'Angelo did. The Anti-SLAPP Law.




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