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Sunday May 31, 2015


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Welcome Back

Nexus, having brutally defeated their opposition (i.e. little old ladies and disabled folks who don't want sex offenders living in their midst), successfully destroyed the beauty of what was once a quiet, peaceful and private neighborhood. After a year of BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP, the ugly buildings are up. The sex offenders are coming soon.


About Hannabelle

Hannabelle arrived on the scene shortly after the stunning announcement that Nexus was building their sex offender facility in my own "backyard" and I heard repeatedly that "Its a Done Deal. There's nothing you can do about it."

Nothing we can do about it? What about the laws which protect us? What about our rights? Isn't this still America?

At first, I tried to reason with people like the mayor of Onamia, some of the city councilmen, Commissioner Frank Courteau, Mille Lacs Messenger editor and publisher Kevin Anderson, even Mille Lacs Health System CEO ProNexus Dan Reiner, and some of the Nexusians themselves. I quickly learned that nothing I could say or do would change their mindset. They were aggressively determined to come to my house so I'd better set an extra plate at my table.  Make that 94 extra plates... I learned quickly that our rights as property owners would not be respected, our voices would not be listened to.

When I organized the OACRG (Onamia Area Citizens for Responsible Growth), I quickly learned (I'm a quick learner) that this would be primarily my own battle. Not that the neighbors weren't opposed to Nexus. They were as devastated as I was. But they lacked the intestinal fortitude to  put up much of a fight.

"What if we OFFEND people?" one woman asked me timidly.

"I can't afford to jeopardize my job."

"I don't know if we want to stick our necks out," said the Bradbury town clerk. "What if there's a fire?"

Yes. The intimidation was that bad. The neighbors were easily cowed.

What were we to do? Was there no one with the guts to stand up against the oppression we were facing? Was there no one to champion our cause to keep our rights, save our neighborhood, the quality of our lives?

Was there no one in our township with the balls to stand tall and shout to the masses "THIS IS WRONG!!!!"?

Unfortunately, there wasn't. Not even one. Me? Don't look at me! I don't like this sort of confrontation either. I just wanted to mind my own business and be left alone. I just wanted Nexus to go away. Of course, they wouldn't.

When logic and reason failed to convince the greedy oppressors that sex offenders just don't belong next to day cares and helpless little old ladies,  Hannabelle came to help us. She certainly didn't mind offending people. Actually, she has a talent for it. She didn't mind stirring the pot, throwing a few dead mice into the recipe to add a little spice.

Hannabelle saw her role in the fight against City Hall and the war with Nexus as being like the tough Rottweiler snapping and growling at the chain-link fence to keep out the bad guys. "Don't you DARE come in or I'll BITE!" she snarled.

Of course, it didn't work. Nexus versus Hannabelle is  like "Godzilla Versus Bambi." But that didn't deter Hannabelle from shooting her mouth off. "You don't LIKE me??? Great! But then why do you insist on living next to me???"

I saw her in the role of "Bad Cop". You know, the one who talks tough. The one you can't intimidate or bamboozle. The problem is, we didn't have any "Good Cops" in our ranks. People in the neighborhood refused to stand up for themselves, but they also feared  repercussions they might have been dealt for using "nice" methods - like TALKING to people and winning a little public opinion to our side. 

Oddly enough, the stronger the opposition became,  the stronger Hannabelle also became. And the weaker the neighbors became, the more Hannabelle committed herself to helping them.

Oddly enough, in the end, the neighbors threw Hannabelle under the bus. When first D'Angelo and Freeman sued, and then the Nexus corporation, the OACRG crumbled, leaving Hannabelle alone to fight some more - still by herself - this time in court.

I realize that many people hate Hannabelle. But I don't. I'm actually quite proud of her. She comes across a little kooky at times, but wasn't she just doing her job of playing KEEP AWAY? She might be a failed champion, but she's a champion nevertheless. A Champion of civil rights. A Champion of Freedom of Speech. A Champion of the People. She fought for your rights as well as her own when no one else would.

In fact, I owe a lot to Hannabelle. She has indeed taught me the importance of standing up for myself and my principles. She has given me courage  and self-respect. Yes, she's made mistakes. We all do. (Especially the Onamia City Council...) Of course, most people don't get sued for calling someone "Poopsie". But brave Hannabelle  has taught me that I am not powerless. I may lose a few battles, but as long as I keep my integrity, in the end I'll win the war.

I hope that you will try to understand Hannabelle and forgive her when she goes over the top. (She doesn't think she ever does, by the way.) I hope also that you will find your own courage to stand up against bullies and make this a better world - even if you have to offend a few people in order to fight for Right while maintaining your own integrity.


"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." George Orwell

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