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These two lawsuits, Freeman/D'Angelo vs me and Nexus Corporation (Nexus Diversified) vs me were totally unnecessary. They sued me because they chose to sue me.

My "fight" was not with Nexus or Mille Lacs Academy. It was with the Onamia City Council.

To tell you the truth (and I always do), if the chosen building site had been just across the street within Onamia city limits, I would not have tried to stop it. Oh, I might have grumbled and written a few letters to the Mille Lacs Messenger to complain. Personally, I had nothing against the Academy. I would have opposed a Walmart just as vigorously. The city, however, was crossing the Rum River into Bradbury Township and bringing its urban sprawl.

Along the way, nearly everything the Onamia City Council did was wrong. For instance, rather than follow procedure, Councilman Bill Hill made a secret deal with Steve Bye in a private closed meeting in Hill's office at his store. Before Nexus, I didn't even know what the Open Meeting Law was. By all appearances, neither did the city council. Even after we informed them, they ignored it. Hill said he was acting as President of the CDC at that time, and not as a city councilman. Perhaps a problem of wearing too many hats. It was still wrong. We were blindsided. And that was just the beginning.

I tried talking to Bye to convince him not to sell to the City. We even offered to buy it ourselves. But he told me that even though there wasn't even a purchase agreement yet, that if he backed out of the deal he would be sued "three ways" - by the CDC, by the City, and by Nexus. It stunk of coercion.

The city had no right to annex land from Bradbury Township for anything other than a single family R1 (zoning). Indeed, there were a lot of problems with the Annexation (see documents). Bill Hill's son drew up a purchase agreement. There were problems with that too since he didn't actually own the land. The name on the tax statement was his sister - who claimed homestead in Onamia while living in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Tom Casey, our first lawyer - hired by the OACRG said that this was a definite case of fraud. While checking things out with the county assessor, we discovered that the Bye documentation (sitting out on top of a filing cabinet...) had recently been tampered with, with Steve now handwritten in as the owner after all. Who altered the document? Who knew we were going to see the county assessor?

With someone filling in loopholes, eventually Steve Bye sold the 38 acres (for three times its value) with the City planning to sell it to Nexus illegally rezoned to R2 i.e. Spot Zoning.

Nothing about this Onamia/Nexus deal seemed clean. We began to expand our investigation. We found enough dirt to contact the FBI and they began an investigation into the Onamia mayor and city council and Nexus. The FBI agent told us they had found "plenty of smoke" and he would like to pursue to get to the fire, but he said it would cost too much to collect all the evidence needed to bring it to court and convict.

Note: Just in case anyone is thinking about messing with me again, I saved everything. I have a really big box filled with files and CDs. I can back up everything I've said.

Our little group of neighbors kept finding ways to stop the project. The malfeasance and misfeasance of the city council was stunning. The pinacle of this mountain of bullshit was Minnesota State Statute 264.357 which clearly states that juvenile sex offenders are not permitted in a single family zoning - which was what our neighborhood was.

Subd. 7. Permitted single family use. A state licensed residential facility...shall be considered a permitted single family residential use of property for the purposes of zoning, except that a residential facility whose primary purpose is to treat juveniles who have violated criminal statutes relating to sex offenses or have been adjudicated delinquent on the basis of conduct in violation of criminal statutes relating to sex offenses shall not be considered a permitted use.

Every one of the juvenile sex offenders at Mille Lacs Academy have been adjudicated in a court of law and convicted of sexual crimes that have caused harm. This law should therefore have stopped the project in its tracks, right?

Furthermore, the "state licensed residential facility" of non-juvenile sex offenders that the law does permit limits the number of residents to 9-16 people. NOT 94 convicted juvenile sex offenders that Nexus was bringing into our R1 single family zoned neighborhood.

Did this stop the Onamia City council? No. They just mis-classified the institution, mis-zoned the property to R2 (when it should have been zoned commercial or institution), and rewrote their own ordinances to state that in every R2 zoned property in Onamia juvenile sex offender treatment centers were a permitted use.

The city council rewrote several ordinances to suit their agenda. This was not Democracy. This was FASCISM. They were serving the Nexus Corporation and Nexus Diverified (same thing). Those of us in Bradbury Township were not allowed to vote or run in Onamia elections. This was all being done to us without us having any kind of self-determination.

This was not only an "emotional" "tree-hugging" rebellion of the "Bradbury Idiots" or "Dirty Twelve" or "The Outsiders" (which is how the city council referred to us).With the city depositing a sex offender facility in our private residential neighborhood, and with the city and county building new infrastructure, roads, etc. for Nexus, while granting the corporation tax abatement as well, the Bradbury citizens were getting saddled with safety risk and financial damages.

Our property values plummetted. Our property taxes soared. Property taxes on my home are over $4000 per year and the property value dropped over $100,000. The other neighbors' rates are comparable EXCEPT Steve Bye (the seller of the 38 acres). He only pays $4 per year in property tax on his homestead. That's right. Check it out on the Mille Lacs County website - Property Taxes. Somehow he seems to have qualified for tax exemption...

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