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Editor's note: I just ran across these from last May. Thought they should be featured. The comment from Randy McColley was a response to another Letter to the Editor of the Mille Lacs Messenger. His wife's comments came via personal e-mail.


Posted: Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Article comment by: Randy McColley*

everyone seems alright with nexus staying as long as they don't build next to them. I live in town and have never had an incident with any of the boys. I also have 3 young girls and if people are worried about their kids then all i can say is supervise them!


(Note: this is as she wrote it, spelling errors and all)

I am Randy's wife, Carmen.  I have read his email and I have to say that I am very disappointed and offended.  Most of the comments towards the Academy and the residents that are there, are unfounded and rediculous.  Not only am I a resident of Onamia, I am a Para at the Academy school, A 2 year counselor at the Academy, a wife and a mother of (3) three daughters!  I hear all the cries and concerns, and I have to say that you are extremely Misinformed!  Your worried about your family, children, wifes, daycares.........ect

The Academy boys are extremely supervised.... I'd be worried more about the juveniles in Onamia that are troubled... those that are capable of drive by shootings...... capable of robbing our local stores.... capable of those juvenile crimes.  Stealing your vechicle??  So, any teen, man, woman could do that!  We are your true worries?  I had 2 vechicles  substain  damage, due to someone stealing a car and missed a curve and ran that car into my other car.  Both vechicles  costly damaged, and it was not from a MLA resident. Those that walk our streets and you don't know exactly what they are capable.  Aids?????  We don't know who has it and doesn't, that's why we have to assume that everyone has it and take precautions.  You are just labeling those kids.  One kid that happened to be associated w/ us..... You have to keep in mind that it was consenual .... It's her fault as much as his.  Apparently her family didn't inform her on how to protect herself.  As that is a parents job.  For being in the school setting, your job is to find the facts and quite spreading the terror.  You are contributing to the unnecessary fear in this town.  Your facts about the run away kid is not all facts.  Have you given that any thought?
As to the comment of the mayor, remember we as a city elected him, although i didn't vote for him.
Lets not make mountains out of molehills.....Exactly what is happening in this community.




From the Nexus website

In their own words...

"When you work for Nexus, you are contributing as part of a widely recognized national leader in the rehabilitation of youth. We believe one of our most important assets is our employees, so we are always looking for individuals who display high ethical standards, are committed to quality care, and who share our cornerstone values of honesty, responsibility, courage, and care and concern."

Current Openings

"NOTE: Conviction of a felony or gross misdemeanor will not automatically disqualify a candidate from employment."

Case Manager

"Requires ability to work a flexible work schedule, ability to lift up to 50 lbs unassisted and up to 100 lbs with assistance"

Clinical Director

"Requires the ability to lift up to 50 lbs unassisted and up to 100 lbs with assistance"


"Requires the ability to work a flexible work schedule, the ability to lift up to 50 lbs unassisted and up to 100 lbs with assistance"


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