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The Minnesota Department of Revenue says: NEXUS is TAXABLE!

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I am writing to express my disappointment in the outcome of the Mille Lacs Academy property tax estimated amount as decided by the Mille Lacs County tax assessor Pat Stotz. According to the Minnesota League of Cities Handbook property tax calculator, my husband and I also came up with over $300,000 that Mille Lacs Academy should owe on a ten million dollar facility. Our calculations were about the same as the Mille Lacs News had. We used Onamia rates on a commercial facility.

So how did these taxes get lowered so much? I don't understand how this commercial institution can be taxed at a residential rate when it is a business. It seems unfair that they get all the tax breaks, then won't even pay their pared down taxes. They haven't paid the right amount for all the time they have been in Onamia and my husband and I have paid even more taxes on our house per year than they have ever paid.

I think that Onamia is giving businesses all the breaks and making us property owners pay for everything. And to tell you the truth, living in this town isn't such a benefit. The school is bad too. Why don't the people wise up and do something to fix this starting with telling Mille Lacs Academy to pay their damn taxes. Onamia has been badly mismanaged in my opinion.

Mr. and Mrs. Disappointed



Onamia has set a policy that if a business creates one new job, it can get property tax abatement.

Is this smart?


Every dollar of tax abatement granted to Nexus must be compensated for by the taxpayers. That means YOU.


Onamia is giving Nexus tax abatement even though they have no place else to go and will stay in Onamia no matter what.

We can't get rid of them!!! Why give them free taxes?


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