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The Minnesota Department of Revenue says: NEXUS is TAXABLE!

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If the city council is screwing the citizens for money, can they be arrested for prostitution?

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Very Angry Para  

I have never read or seen something more un-american then this web site.  The American flag in the shape of the Nazi symbol?! SHAME ON YOU! If you REALLY are trying to protect your family and community then why not use your real name? Any one
can sit in front of a computer and make crap up trying to look important, real courage is someone who not only knows the FACT but tells people the truth.  You seem to be alright giving out people's name and numbers, where is yours? or are you above
the law?  I work for the MLA school as a para, let me tell you something I do not think there is a safer place to work.  I have also been a life long Onamia resident and fear the gangs and hoodlums in this town a whole lot more then the boys in the
academy.  You sit on your high horse pretending to know something, get your facts straight before spouting your mouth off.  How dare you sit there in your house and tell people what is going on in a building you have never been in.  Also get your facts straight, the Onamia police department has been called to
the high school in town a whole lot more then to the academy.  SHAME ON YOU! YOU ARE A COWARD!



Christine Lease

MLA school employee and Mille lacs county resident


Meet Paul

The court has labeled Paul as a "sexually dangerous person". He is a "sexual psychopath". He is a Level III offender. He has many, many victims- both male and female.

Paul used to be my neighbor at Mille Lacs Academy in Onamia. Maybe you remember him raking leaves for your grandma.

Jim D'Angelo said these "boys" aren't dangerous.

John Varner said these "boys" aren't violent.

Jerome Kryzer said these "boys" aren't sex offenders.

Steve Bye said, "They're well-behaved in church."

We've been told that these "boys" don't "escape", they just get confused and sometimes walk away.

Last year Paul escaped from St. Peter with three other inmates. Other rapists, dangerous offenders. Fortunately they were caught. Paul is currently incarcerated.

One of the fourteen year old girls that Paul raped wants to kill herself.

Paul threatened to kill many victims, including a seven year old boy he forced into oral sex.

Paul has no remorse.

I don't want anyone like Paul in my neighborhood.

Do you?

* Paul is due to be released in January 2008 after serving a 27 month sentence.


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