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Onamia Public Hearings: What a Joke

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Onamia Public Hearings: What a Joke

When I read Brett Larson's opening sentence in last week's article "Abatement hearing set, land annexed," I almost laughed, almost. The opening statement was "The public will have its say Nov. 1 on proposed tax abatement for Nexus Inc." That statement is right up there with Richard Nixon saying "I am not a crook" - or believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

The Onamia City Council does not listen to public opinion no matter what facts are presented, ordinances changed or broken, logical thinking or responsible stewardship of public funds.

So it does not matter what the public says at the meeting, it will be - motion to accept, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye - motion passed, meeting adjourned.

And too bad for the people that must decide between food and medications because their taxes are too high! The city will give a huge tax break to a multi-million dollar corporation that makes over 1.4 million a year profit and pays their CEO over a quarter of a million a year and charges the counties that these offenders come from at the highest or second highest per diem in the state, ($215-$242 per day).

Did you know everyone pays for tax abatement? Services enjoyed by Nexus such as police, streets, roads, traffic control, etc., must be paid somehow. Nexus has not paid their rightful taxes for the last 16 years.

They already have been given tax abatement! And for what benefit? In fact a lot of the businesses in the city are already under TIF or some sort of tax break putting the strain of the city finances on all of the private citizens. No wonder the school is hurting and everyone is leaving.

The city of Onamia wants to hand Nexus $35,000 a year (as reported in their public notice). Also they are asking the county to give them an additional $38,000 a year. State law requires that the amount of benefits equal the amount of tax abatement! They have yet to prove where the benefits equal these amounts. (That is a lot of snow shoveling. In fact, with that amount you could buy a new snow blower for every household in Onamia!)

The citizens of Onamia should attend this meeting and voice their opinion to the city council, although it won't make any difference. They have already made their decision. At least you could watch them give away your tax dollars.

But that's okay. Nexus won't have to decide between groceries or medications, they will just have to decide what color carpeting to put in their new offices or where to hold next year's golf tournament (or maybe it could be bowling for Nexus).

The public meeting is just for show. Drink the Kool-aid folks. It would be laughable if it wasn't so sad.

Curt Lukens, Onamia


Onamia has set a policy that if a business creates one new job, it can get property tax abatement.

Is this smart?


Every dollar of tax abatement granted to Nexus must be compensated for by the taxpayers. That means YOU.

Onamia is giving Nexus tax abatement even though they have no place else to go and will stay in Onamia no matter what.

If Nexus had someplace else to go, they would by flaunting it, not keeping it a secret.

We can't get rid of them!!! Why give them free taxes?

If they stay, make them pay!


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