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Grievance Against Onamia "Zoning Guy"

To: Mayor Larry Milton and the Onamia City Council

Dear Sirs,

I’m writing to file a grievance against Mickey Carter, Onamia Zoning Administrator. On October 27, I telephoned Mr. Carter with questions concerning Onamia city ordinances and zoning laws in regards to 38.81 acres in Bradbury Township, owned by Marvin D. and Avis Grosslein of Falmouth, Massachusetts, which is being purchased, annexed, re-zoned by the City of Onamia and sold to NEXUS, a privately owned corporation which intends to erect a commercial multi-building sex offender facility in our residential neighborhood.

My questions are valid and pertinent. As a citizen, I have the right to know how you justify proceeding, considering that every adjacent property owner is opposed to building this commercial sex offender institution in this location. There are several zoning issues which this Zoning Administer has thus far failed to explain to the public. Nor have the mayor or city council addressed key problems with the NEXUS proposal.

Mr. Carter refused to answer any questions. Instead, he launched into an emotional tirade about how upset he is with the way I have allegedly been treating Steve and Loretta Bye. He indicated that they are good “God-fearing Christians”.  After his agitated outburst, he hung up on me without even giving me an opportunity to respond.

Later Mrs. Carter telephoned my neighbor, directing him to tell me not to call Mr. Carter at home again. I had followed protocol, dialing the telephone number listed for the zoning administrator under the Onamia Resources page.  Having his wife harass my neighbor illustrates a lack of professionalism and maturity we expect in our city leaders.

Mr. Carter is a public servant. His hostile behavior was unprofessional, offensive, and abusive. It also clearly demonstrates significant religious discrimination as well as favoritism on his part. Due to this incident, along with his prior public admissions that he has no training and is unqualified to serve in his current position, I respectfully call for the immediate dismissal of Zoning Administrator Carter. He should be replaced by a qualified zoning administrator who is competent, knowledgeable, unbiased, sane… and polite.





Meet Mickey

The Zoning Guy


for child pornography!


Meet Paul

The court has labeled Paul as a "sexually dangerous person". He is a "sexual psychopath". He is a Level III offender. He has many, many victims- both male and female.

Paul used to be my neighbor at Mille Lacs Academy in Onamia.

Maybe you remember Paul. Maybe he raked your grandma's leaves.

Jim D'Angelo said these "boys" aren't dangerous.

John Varner said these "boys" aren't violent.

Jerome Kryzer said these "boys" aren't sex offenders.

Steve Bye said, "They're well-behaved in church."

We've been told that these "boys" don't "escape", they just get confused and sometimes walk away.

Last year Paul and three other inmates, "walked away" from St. Peter's sex offender facility.  Four rapists, dangerous offenders. Fortunately they were caught. Paul is currently incarcerated.

One of the fourteen year old girls that Paul raped wants to kill herself.

Paul threatened to kill many victims, including a seven year old boy he forced into oral sex.

Paul has no remorse.

I don't want anyone like Paul in my neighborhood.

Do you?

* Paul is due to be released in January 2008 after serving a 27 month sentence for assault. He'll probably be glad that Onamia wants him back "home".


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