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School Referendum

With the upcoming election on the school referendum approaching and the upcoming adaption of the Mille Lacs Academy's tax abatement, I'm wondering how we citizens are going to dig up all the extra money to pay for our own raising propety taxes let alone others.   I don't mind paying my fair share but I don't thinki I should have to pay for it all. Maybe Varner and D'angelo should take a little cut in pay and work a little harder to make the most of our money before asking us to pay more. I'm all for educating kids and helping kids with problems, but Ive paid alot of dues already and being retired and on a fixed income isn't easy with the cost of medications and gas. Sometimes we all got to tighten our belt but theres a point when it cuts into you to much. I say better management. No to the referendum and no to the tax abatement.


Onamia Taxpayer





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