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We are writing concerning the future location of Nexus and the proposed tax abatement for them. We have owned property in Bradbury Township since 1978, and before that my parents moved here in 1945.

We moved here to get away from the city life of Minneapolis and Anoka. We graduated from Onamia and Isle schools, and we wanted to return to retire here and enjoy the peace and quiet of the country.

We were upset when we found out, through the Messenger, that we were going to have a big corporation move in next door to us. This to us will mean: trees will be taken down, a parking lot built, three story buildings erected and security lights put up. What will that do to the peace and tranquility of our country home and the neighborhood?

We feel there is a need for Nexus but not out in a residential area with families, seniors and a day care right down the road.

We have been paying real estate taxes all our lives and are on a fixed income with our taxes going up every year.

We just do not feel it is fair to us and other taxpayers to have Nexus, a multi-millionaire corporation, get a tax abatement for up to 15 years. Let them pay like the rest of us.

We also believe they should be moving to a commercial area, not a residential area.

Gloria and Lenin Leaf, Bradbury Township








In a letter dated May 30, 2007 to County Commissioner Frank Courteau, Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo stated:

"We have stated from the beginning, and I can say again unequivocally, that Nexus will not build its new campus in Onamia without this [property tax] exemption."

The Minnesota Department of Revenue and Mille Lacs County denied tax exemption to Nexus.

We  have stated from the beginning, and we can say again, that Nexus will not leave Onamia without this [property tax] abatement.

Where else would they go?



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