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The Minnesota Department of Revenue says: NEXUS is TAXABLE!

Larry Milton disagrees...

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Will tough it out

Larry Milton trashes the rights of individuals for the good of NEXUS!

Should he really be mayor?

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Will tough it out

I have lived at Onamia since August 1968 and paid taxes on the property every year. Before that, my grandparents homesteaded in Dailey Township on the Neil and Margaret Levin place, formerly the Lawrence Ablard place, and my mother, Myrtle Perry, attended school along with sisters Angeline and Esther - also my two uncles Earl and Will Perry. With all the "windows on the south side" was the way they described it.

After my grandfather, Robert John Perry, was killed in the woods and laid to rest in the Onamia Mount Pleasant Cemetery, the Perrys moved back to Oakwood, S.D., in 1965, and farmed there the rest of their lives. Then, in August 1968, I purchased the Dan Auger place from Clyde and Grace Bye and moved to Onamia. I have enjoyed the peaceful countryside and fine neighbors for nearly 40 years. But now the peace and quiet have been threatened by the multi-million dollar corporation Nexus, it seems. No longer will it be the quiet and peaceful countryside. Fences, buildings, security lights, increased traffic will be forthcoming, plus living in fear of rape and murder? I don't relish the thought, but the two do go hand in hand. I've decided to tough it out.

Marion Wright, Onamia






As Reported in the Mille Lacs Messenger


"Mayor Larry Milton said he supports the tax abatement for the Academy and gave several reasons why, including the retention of over 100 jobs and the extension of city water and sewer to the west side of town.

"You have to invest today for the future," Milton said, "and through that long journey, you have some turns in the road. You have to think about the whole community, and not just individuals."


Screw you Marion!


The Mille Lacs News is a proud advocate of the rights of individuals such as Marion. That is what this country is all about: Individual Freedom




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