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The Minnesota Department of Revenue says: NEXUS is TAXABLE!

Larry Milton thinks he knows better...

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Running Roughshod

Thank you for this website.  I have been reading it and it is a relief to read the
truth. I know this website is all about Nexus and I sympathize with everyone who
lives in Onamia and close to this.  Government bureaucrats (local, state and
federal) think they can run roughshod over ordinary people and change the lives of
citizens to suit the powerful.  Bureaucrats and even some elected officials think
that ordinary people don't know whats good for them.   I have been to Washington
D.C. many times and walked the halls of congress, trying to talk to our legislators,
both in the House and Senate.  You would not believe the awful treatment we have
received from our elected officials and their aides.  I live on the south shore of
Mille Lacs near Galloway Road.
  My questions is:   I have been reading the Mille Lacs Messenger Mail Bag on line
and the Messenger refuses to post the October 31, 2007, letters to the editor.  Do
you have any idea why?  I called the Messenger and the girl who answered said she
would tell the person who does the posting.  Nothing has happened.
  Just curious and thought you might know.
  Nancy Walicki










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