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Jamie Kozma writes:

you're sick

 How do you get off writing an article about "true christians" and then
 state that the Kirkwood murderer was somehow justified?  Last I checked,
 Jesus was anti-murder.  Little thing called the 10 Commandments?  Geez
 lady you have a twisted mind.  What would you do if you did drive Nexus
 away?  Who would you attack next?


Hannabelle's Response

Dear Jamie,

Thanks for writing. Say, are you the same Jamie Kozma who is the Clinical Director at the Onarga Academy? You sent some good questions. I'll do my best to answer them.

1) How do you get off writing an article about "true christians" and then state that the Kirkwood murderer was somehow justified?

A) First of all, I said that I don't condone what Cookie did down in Kirkwood. But having experienced the outrageous oppression of our inept city council - which has gone to such great lengths to circumvent laws meant to protect citizens like you and me - which has held public hearings only because they are mandatory, not to listen to or consider the feelings or wishes of citizens it is their job to represent - having our rights as citizens and property owners steamrolled by five local average or below average guys who are only in a position of power because either they ran for office unopposed or because someone wrote in their name on a ballot - (a ballot on which we in Bradbury Township are not allowed to cast our votes) and after being totally ignored and discounted and tromped on and mocked for nearly a year where I'd really prefer to be doing other things than dealing with sex offenders and a lot of nasty people - well.... I can understand how Cookie's frustrations could build up until he snapped. I think most people assume Cookie was nuts. I can, from personal experience, understand where he might have been driven to extremes. I don't justify what he did. Nobody can. Call it empathy from someone who has suffered injustice in an unfair situation.
As for "True Christians": In this unfair situation, as you probably know, the original seller of the 38.81 acres is a religious fanatic - a self-professed "Christian". Yet, when it came to making a buck, he  dropped his bible in the mud as his greedy hands reached for the cash. Taxpayer money. We were all robbed. In spite of a petition and pleas from his neighbors, he sacrificed us just as if he had personally nailed each one of us to a cross. So much for "love they neighbor" huh. He took the money and ran - back to his church where he and his wife could bask in the glory of providing a place for the sex offenders - next to day care and children and vulnerable, elderly widows. Nice guy? A godly fellow? I think not. A greedy, selfish, self-centered hypocrite. We offered to buy the land from him ourselves, but we couldn't compete with Nexus' millions. The Golden Rule: He who has the gold rules.
2. Little thing called the 10 Commandments?
A) I believe one of those commandments says something like: Thou shall not covet they neighbor's house. Correct me if I'm wrong. I know the Bible says: Thou shall not steal. But maybe we should be discussing the Constitution rather than the Bible.
3. What would you do if you did drive Nexus away?
A) First of all, Nexus can certainly own that land. They just can't build a sex offender facility on it. So they'll probably go away by themselves as soon as they realize that they've wasted  a lot of time and money on a project that won't fly. Cut their losses.
What would I do? First, I'd probably have a long hard cry - out of relief. Nexus has stolen a year of my already shortened life. (Its hard to believe that this could happen in America, but you should watch your own city council and protect your own rights, Jamie. Its everywhere.) Then I'd deal with the Post-Traumatic-Stress that your company has caused and try to adjust to having some sort of life again, if I can. You're absolutely correct that I am sick. I have a chronic, disabling illness which makes every day a challenge. I've been sick for twelve years. With Nexus gone, I will try to live out the rest of my days - as I had planned before Nexus wrecked everything. My "twisted mind", which used to compose symphonies and sonatas, is tired of your world -  juvenile sex offenders, rapists, toddler molesters, young men who hide cups of urine throughout the house, young men forcing seven year old boys into oral sex, and Nexus employees who harass me and send me death threats because I don't want them next door...  Thanks for asking.
4. Who would you attack next?
A) There are some Virginia Creepers in my woods which are killing some of the big trees. These vines climb the trees and strangle them to death. I have a little clippers I use on "good" days - when I am able to walk. I hope the day comes where I'll be able to attack those creepers again. The 38.81 acres is also infested with these vines, by the way.
I've lived here for 30 years. That's a long time. How old are you? Think of it. You build your home in a place you love, you work hard, chase your dreams and after thirty years - just when its time to finally sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors - somebody comes along and ruins everything. They are rude and cunning and cruel. Like the Virginia Creepers, you invaded our land with intent to feed off of our "trees", smothering us, denying us our rights, imposing yourselves on people who just want to be left alone. For thirty years I've lived here peacefully. You came to my neighborhood and told me I now have to live by Nexus' rules. You have no right to do that. You are supporting the Onamia City Council's attempts to rewrite the Law - for the good of your corporation rather than for the good of our community, MY community.
I could understand your indignation and outrage if I came to your neighborhood and did to you what your people are doing to us. But the way I look at it is - I've instigated absolutely nothing. Its all self-defense.

Would you take that away from me too? My right to defend myself, my family, and my property? As a true Christian, how do you justify that?






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