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May 30, 2007

Nexus is a bully

I don't think it's right that a big company like Nexus can bully itself into a residential neighborhood where nobody wants them. Everyone keeps talking about saved jobs. Well, what about lost homes? I don't see why we have to have that sex offender facility here when there are better places for it over by Crosier. Don't we homeowners have any say about what comes into our own neighborhoods? We live here because we like the peace and quiet of nature. We want to protect our privacy. What Nexus is doing is just wrong. They are putting money before people.
Ox, Onamia MN

Posted: Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Article comment by: Randy McColley*

everyone seems alright with nexus staying as long as they don't build next to them. I live in town and have never had an incident with any of the boys. I also have 3 young girls and if people are worried about their kids then all i can say is supervise them!

*source: Mille Lacs Messenger

Email Response to Randy McColley's Article Comment: Hannabelle

Hi Randy,

Everyone seems to think that we are afraid of the kids, afraid to speak, afraid of this, afraid of that. People think this mostly because that is exactly how the Mille Lacs Messenger is portraying us. Personally, I don't want them "in my back yard". I don't want my property value to go down. I don't want my land to be unsellable should I decide to move away from "good neighbors" who don't honor the wishes of tax paying property owners. Yes, we pay property taxes. Nexus, a corporation with an annual budget of 38 million dollars does not. They haven't paid their way for the past 16 years because Crosier is tax exempt. Now they want to get property tax exemption. The Mille Lacs Messenger quoted Larry Milton a few weeks back as saying that the county came through with tax exemption. This is a lie. Bald-faced. Makes me wonder why the Messenger has stopped "reporting" and is spouting off Nexus propaganda. Why do they keep insisting that we are scared little rabbits when we are valliantly trying to defend our neighborhood from an unethical and illegal takeover by the Onamia mayor and four councilmen who have power over all of us? Remember, this too could happen to you.

If Nexus pays property taxes on it's 8 - 10 million dollar facility, they will be paying approximately $335,000 to $447,000 per year. That means that YOUR taxes will go DOWN!  At least then they will be contributing to the community... As it stands now, most of the employees do not live in our area nor do they spend their money to support our economy. Only a handful of low-paying jobs are available to people who live here. As a community, we'd be better off with some business other than Nexus. Some business that would benefit more than those who sell gas and groceries. But back to taxes.... if Larry Milton succeeds in helping Nexus get the tax exemption he promised them, YOUR taxes with go UP. Why aren't they telling you the truth?

There is much more to the story than is being told in the Messenger. For instance, Kathy Leaf stood up at the city council meeting and said, "What about my day care? What will happen to my kids?"  Vivian Clark misquoted her as saying, "What will happen to my kids? Who will protect them?"  Quite a difference, don't you think? Yes, the three day care centers will probably lose their businesses because who wants to leave their kids next to a juvenile sex offender facility? Kathy said nothing about "protecting" her kids. Who will protect her business??? Her livelihood??? Not the Onamia city council. Not Nexus.

We haven't said repeatedly that they are "violent" sex offenders. But they ARE convicted sex offenders. That's a fact. This is just another thing that nobody wants you to know about. It might cause you to think, and they don't want that. I'm not afraid of the kids offending. I am concerned that they might try to steal cars to get away. One stole my neighbor's van a few years ago. Two others tried to steal another neighbor's truck one night. And that's with them being in Onamia and coming way out here. Another kid ran away just a few weeks ago. The deputy was over here looking for him and eventually picked him up at Gateway. Don't you wonder why you don't hear about all of these instances? What about the girl in town who is pregnant? What about the high school girl who had consensual sex with an Academy boy who has the AIDS virus? You have girls... Maybe you should worry.

Anyway, I hope I've given you a few things to think about. People need to THINK. Somebody is making a whole lot of money and they're playing dirty pool to keep Nexus in town. We don't want them in our neighborhood, that's for sure. But I'd rather have Nexus next door than Larry Milton and the Onamia City Council... What is being done here and the way it is being done is wrong. I agree with your statement "if people are worried about their kids then all i can say is supervise them!" But this issue is not about that. We are upset that a small city government can dictate what happens to us and there is nothing we can do about it. And you should worry about that too. What is happening to us can happen to you. We are losing our rights and our freedoms. It smells a little like communism. But the Mille Lacs Messenger wants you to think that we are ignorant and afraid. That's how they view us, and that is how they view you. And they are playing you, my friend. Check it out for yourself. Ask questions. Don't be bamboozled.

Hannabelle, Bradbury Township Resident
Email Response to Hannabelle's Email Response...
I am Randy's wife, Carmen.  I have read his email and I have to say that I am very disappointed and offended.  Most of the comments towards the Academy and the residents that are there, are unfounded and rediculous.  Not only am I a resident of Onamia, I am a Para at the Academy school, A 2 year counselor at the Academy, a wife and a mother of (3) three daughters!  I hear all the cries and concerns, and I have to say that you are extremely Misinformed!  Your worried about your family, children, wifes, daycares.........ect
The Academy boys are extremely supervised.... I'd be worried more about the juveniles in Onamia that are troubled... those that are capable of drive by shootings...... capable of robbing our local stores.... capable of those juvenile crimes.  Stealing your vechicle??  So, any teen, man, woman could do that!  We are your true worries?  I had 2 vechicles  substain  damage, due to someone stealing a car and missed a curve and ran that car into my other car.  Both vechicles  costly damaged, and it was not from a MLA resident. Those that walk our streets and you don't know exactly what they are capable.  Aids?????  We don't know who has it and doesn't, that's why we have to assume that everyone has it and take precautions.  You are just labeling those kids.  One kid that happened to be associated w/ us..... You have to keep in mind that it was consenual .... It's her fault as much as his.  Apparently her family didn't inform her on how to protect herself.  As that is a parents job.  For being in the school setting, your job is to find the facts and quite spreading the terror.  You are contributing to the unnecessary fear in this town.  Your facts about the run away kid is not all facts.  Have you given that any thought?
As to the comment of the mayor, remember we as a city elected him, although i didn't vote for him.
Lets not make mountains out of molehills.....Exactly what is happening in this community.



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