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Saturday September 15, 2007

Purchase Agreement EXTENDED

Mille Lacs News Staff Writer


City Hall was running on empty at last Wednesday's City Council meeting with only Bill Hill, Mark Loch, and Jerome Kryzer showing up. The three councilmen voted to authorize Larry to sign the purchase agreement extension "when he gets back". Missing were: Mayor Larry E. Milton, Councilman Robert (Bob) Mickus, Zoning Administrator Mickey Carter, and Fire Chief Don Nicholas. City Clerk Kathleen McCullum was  present.

"Never mind," says Lady Liberty


Steve Bye and his cohabitant Loretta Mason signed the purchase agreement extension on August 20, 2007, although they were under no obligation whatsoever, to do so. Steve had repeatedly told angry neighbors that if he had known how much the Nexus deal would hurt them, he'd "have never signed" in the first place. Steve had also made the excuse that if he tried to cancel the first agreement, according to his lawyer, three parties would sue him (presumably Nexus, the CDC, and the City). It should be of no surprise that this too turned out to be untrue.


The Root of All Evil


"Steve repeatedly denied to us that money was his motivation. But his own sister said that she and her husband refer to Steve and Loretta as "S&L: Savings and Loan". Avis and Marvin D. Grosslein (of fish fame) bought interest on the 38 acres and for several years have illegally claimed it, as well as their house in Massachusetts as homestead," said one neighbor. "Everyone seems to think that Steve and Loretta are some nice old religious couple. I hope now everyone see them for what they really are."


The Grossleins signed the purchase agreement extension on August 24th. No mention of the Bye/Grosslein tax fraud issue has been made publicly by either the City or Nexus. Citizens said that they have reported the tax fraud to the Bradbury Township Board, however. They plan to alert the County Assessor, they said.


"Its really sad what greed can do to a guy. Me and Steve go way back," said one former friend.

UPDATE: Whereas our predictions that property taxes in Mille lacs County would soar, property values would plunge, and our properties would become impossible to sell all indeed came true, it was recently noticed on the Mille Lacs County website that Steve Bye's taxes have been reduced on his house to $4 per year. Since that seems like a typo, yes - Steve Bye's property taxes are listed at FOUR DOLLARS PER YEAR. I guess Steve qualified for tax abatement...












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