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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Nexus Privatization Illegal?

Mille Lacs News staff writer


While NEXUS continues to try bullying it's way into the community, one thing it can't threaten or coerce is Minnesota State Law. Is the corporation unlucky in law, or are they just going about things the wrong way? According to NEXUS, they have successfully privatized their academy schools in Illinois. But can they do this in Minnesota as well?


One of the many controversial issues surrounding NEXUS is the planned privatization of their proposed school. Some area educators have expressed deep concern that by breaking away from the Onamia school district, our local schools will be hit hard financially. Instead of providing jobs, teachers and staff currently working with the MLA students will in fact lose their jobs if Nexus goes private. Additional funding currently earmarked to cover MLA students will also be discontinued, further weakening the school district's already floundering financial structure.


In its bid for tax abatement, NEXUS states:


"In addition to treatment, the [Grosslein/Bye] property will be used to accomplish the public purpose of providing secondary education for the ninety four [sic] residents in the program."


This might sound fine and dandy, but - providing secondary education is mandatory for such a juvenile facility. How does this  "accomplish the public purpose"? This sounds like more NEXUS doubletalk.... Don't let the wording mislead you: these ninety-four students are not local "residents" from our community, but convicted sex offenders from other people's communities. If these inmates were not here, there would be no need to educate them here - and the school district could concentrate on educating our own kids. Is it any wonder that parents are choosing to have their children educated in Pierz and Milaca - where the focus is on normal, even "gifted" kids?


NEXUS goes on to say:


"We intend to provide an educational program approved by the Minnesota Department of Education and accredited by the North Central Association of Schools. We will employ certified regular and special education teachers who will be paid by the Academy."


There are two problems in the above statements. First of all, they are disregarding Minnesota Statute 125A.515, which clearly states:

(a) The district in which the residential facility is located must provide education services, including special education if eligible, to all students placed in a facility.
(b) For education programs operated by the Department of Corrections, the providing district shall be the Department of Corrections. For students remanded to the commissioner of
corrections, the providing and resident district shall be the Department of Corrections.


Mille Lacs Academy is licensed by the

Department of Corrections.


The second part of NEXUS' statement indicates that teachers will be paid by the Academy. This is untrue. Sure the paycheck might appear to come from NEXUS, but don't be fooled. The MLA students' home districts will be billed, the Academy reimbursed, and inevitably, once again it will be the tax payers who will bear the cost, not NEXUS. Are you beginning to see how they work? Very clever, don't you think?


I have a hard time typing the following statement with a straight face...


Nexus says:


"Although the residents home district will be charged for educational services based on state approved rates, the local taxpayer benefits as they are spared the cost of providing separate schooling facilities for ninety four [sic] residents."


I'm sorry! I can't hold it back! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


The local taxpayer benefits? HOW? Because taxpayers in the home district have to pay and local taxpayers don't? Talk about smoke and mirrors! Do they think we're stupid?


These statements are in NEXUS'

 tax abatement application!


NEXUS is requesting that it not be required to pay property taxes. If NEXUS is granted tax abatement, who do you think is going to make up for the lost revenue in Mille Lacs County, the City of Onamia, and the school district??? THE LOCAL TAXPAYERS!!!!! Does this sound like NEXUS is concerned about our taxes? Its trying to make us carry their load!


Its like saying - Don't worry - You will benefit because - after you buy me my free lunch, you don't have to buy me dessert. I'll lessen your burden by getting that guy over there to pay for my pie.


That is our benefit? We pay for the salad, the fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, baked beans, biscuits, coffee, a large milk... but we benefit because we don't have to pay for the pie??? It doesn't even make sense! Yet, we are expected to buy this junk.


And these ninety-four students are NOT from our community! Not our obligation. Not our problem. Not our responsibility. These sex offenders are being placed in our community to keep their communities safe! (Where is the benefit? Where is the logic? Where is the sanity?)


To sum up the NEXUS proposal for school privatization:


1. It doesn't conform to Minnesota State Law

2. It is not beneficial to our school district.

3. It does not benefit our community.

4. NEXUS cannot promise to create teaching or educational staff jobs as a means of satisfying requirements for getting tax abatement. These jobs are created and controlled by the Onamia public school district, NOT NEXUS.


If NEXUS pays it's taxes, would there even be a need for a school referendum?


NEXUS has been determined to be TAXABLE.

Its privatization plot appears to be illegal.


Don't be bamboozled.














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Jim D'Angelo said these "boys" aren't dangerous.

John Varner said these "boys" aren't violent.

Jerome Kryzer said these "boys" aren't sex offenders.

Steve Bye said, "They're well-behaved in church."

We've been told that these "boys" don't "escape", they just get confused and sometimes walk away.

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