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Wednesday October 10, 2007

One Down, Two to Go!

Nexus Property Tax Abatement Denied!


Mille Lacs News Staff Writer


Onamia School District courageously stood up to the pressures exerted by NEXUS, a multi-million dollar corporation who has threatened to leave Onamia if their demands aren't met. The school portion of the NEXUS tax abatement application was indeed denied, and rightfully so, considering how revenue collected from NEXUS would greatly help the school district, as well as the community.


NEXUS claims to be an asset to the Onamia community and a "good neighbor", yet it keeps trying to get out of paying property taxes - revenue which might in fact be the only advantage of keeping the Mille Lacs Academy here. NEXUS has a pattern of exaggerating supposed benefits and downplaying its negative effects. For instance, it claims to be a source of employment, but most of the employees commute from far away communities, which means, of course that they spend their money outside of the area. So, in essence, yes the MLA provides employment, but no, it doesn't help our local economy much. Same thing with money spent in the community. Yes the MLA spends money in the community, BUT most of it goes to Ed Hupler and Bill Hill. There you go. Not very helpful to our community after all.


But property taxes.... Now THAT is a way NEXUS could help the entire county - simply by paying what it owes in property taxes! And yet, this corporation (with its annual budget of $38 million dollars), the most expensive sex offender facility of its kind in Minnesota, says it cannot afford to pay its taxes.  In fact, Jim D'Angelo has stated unequivocally that NEXUS would leave the county if it were denied property tax exemption. Yet, exemption was denied and here they STILL remain, begging now for tax abatement.


But they couldn't fool the school district. It is so obvious that NEXUS could easily pay what it owes. Keep in mind that although it claims to be "not-for-profit", there is a lot of money to be made from sex offenders.


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