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Saturday October 20, 2007

Say what?????

NEXUS Orders Preemptive Sewer Survey


Mille Lacs News Staff Writer


Onamia residents were stunned to see workers from from Widseth, Smith, Nolting and Associates last Tuesday, surveying for sewer and water along Highway 27 west of town.


"We haven't had our public hearings," said one angry resident. "The land hasn't been officially sold to the city, annexed, rezoned, sold to Nexus, etc. I mean, the city council said we'd have a chance to voice our opinion. Do you think it matters what we say? They're not going to listen to us. They'll do whatever they want, just like they've done in the past. If there were any question at all about this going through, Nexus wouldn't spend money now on surveyors."


Other citizens agreed that this Nexus takeover is in fact a "Done Deal" in spite of opposition and dedicated Naysayers. "There's nothing we as citizens can do against our Fascist government. Heil Milton! This isn't America anymore. It is sickening."


City clerk Kathleen McCullum denied allegations that the city had anything to do with this premature surveying.


Workers for the Brainerd based architectural firm contradicted McCullum, however. They said that they had been hired by NEXUS and authorized by the city of Onamia to survey for sewer and water from town to the Grosslein property on which NEXUS will build, even though it is the wrong thing for NEXUS to do.


Every single adjacent property owner has the right to oppose the multi-building commercial compound from being build in their neighborhood - and oppose it they have, loud and clear. NEXUS has declared that they will build anyway, ignoring the property owners rights. The city of Onamia has bent over backwards to make sure that the multi-million dollar corporation gets what it wants, sacrificing private citizens in the process.


"Larry Milton and the Onamia city council can all kiss my ass," said a disgruntled Bradburian. "They can't get away with this. We'll see them all in court before its over."







Why can't we get a business in town that pays its taxes, hires local people, gives back to the community and doesn't put our people in harm's way? Why are we stuck with NEXUS?

If our city council can't manage this little town, maybe we need new leaders who can handle it.

For four months out of the year, Jerome Kryzer doesn't live in Onamia. He goes south for the winter. How can he be allowed on the city council if he isn't even living here?

We need a new Onamia City Councilman

Jerome Kryzer's term expires in 2008.

Its time for Jerome to head south for good

In September, Jerome Kryzer said that the MLA inmates are not sex offenders.

How can he not know that each is a convicted sex offender? You mean, he LIED to the citizens?

Jerome Kryzer should resign!






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