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Saturday October 20, 2007

Jim D'Angelo





Lawyers for Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo have threatened to file a defamation lawsuit against Hannabelle, directing her to remove The Mille Lacs News and Bradbury Buzzz from the Internet and to stop talking about the multi-million dollar corporation and its president who for the past six months have insisted upon forcing a $10 million multi-complex sex offender institutional commercial facility into the quiet rural residential neighborhood where she has lived peacefully for the past thirty years.  Hannabelle, a retired, college music professor, performer, orchestra conductor, and composer who has struggled with serious chronic and disabling illness for the past several years received the correspondence while hospitalized for a recent relapse brought on by the stress of fighting to save her neighborhood from the clutches of NEXUS, their invading 94 convicted sex offenders and their keepers.

The threatening letter came as no surprise to Hannabelle, who was well-aware of the lawyers snooping on the Mille Lacs News website as well as daily visits by NEXUS.

"The whole thing is ridiculous," said Hannabelle. "Jim D'Angelo defamed himself with all the lies he's been telling. All I've done is called him on it. Just like he doesn't want to accept his responsibility to pay property taxes, he refuses to accept responsibility for his own bad behavior and lack of character. He blames me for making him look bad when actually, he's made himself look bad. In my opinion, he's an arrogant bully no different from Larry Milton, Bill Hill, Bob Mickus, Mark Loch, and Jerome Kryzer. All of these people are self-serving bullies. Its pretty pathetic. If D'Angelo wants to take me to court, that's fine with me. I'll look forward to it. I don't get out much these days..."

Even in poor health, Hannabelle insists she won't give in to NEXUS or the city of Onamia but will continue to fight, even long after the institution is built. "What they're doing to us is wrong. Go to their website. Read their mission statement. Then look how they are treating us. Look at what they are doing to us. NEXUS regurgitates all the nice buzz words, all the pretty propaganda. Its all a bunch of hooey. I can't believe that the entire town isn't absolutely enraged by what these unethical bastards are trying to pull. Obviously NEXUS has fooled a lot of people for a long time. In the old days, people used to hang horse thieves. Now they give them property tax abatement."










Mille Lacs Academy


Ladies and Metrosexuals

Check out Nexus' Sex Therapist!


I'm not sure I'd want those Beach Boys around my kids.

I know! With those Hawaiian shirts they look as silly as Onamia's Zoning Guy! Its bad enough at the city council meetings.

And what's a Metrosexual?

I think those boys get their fingernails polished at fancy city salons.

Doesn't sound to me like the therapy is working.

Well dear, Metrosexualism was popular for awhile. I heard that Metrosexuals are 'out' now. The latest trend is 'MENERGY'.

That's Onamia for you, always a day late and a dollar short. What's MENERGY then?

Oh yes. I see.



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