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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Onamia School Referendum Passes!

Mille Lacs News Staff Writer

With the passing of the school referendum for an operational levy as well as an additional levy to fix the track, there will be a significant increase in everyone's property taxes. The majority of voters have made a statement: they are in favor of all of us in the district paying higher taxes. But after all, our tax money will go to a worthy cause: to support the education of children within our community. Who can really argue with that? However, the next question is, will they also support the raising of taxes to support students from other distant communities - the sex offenders at NEXUS - when the City of Onamia grants tax abatement to this multi-million dollar corporation, which has a 38 million dollar annual budget and made over a million dollars in profits last year?

Unfortunately, the voters won't have an opportunity to vote on the NEXUS tax abatement. It is out of their hands. In Onamia, the NEXUS Tax abatement decision lies in the judgment of only five individuals - Mayor Larry Milton and the four city councilmen: Bob Mickus, Mark Loch, Bill Hill, and Jerome Kryzer, all of whom have made it perfectly clear that they intend to grant NEXUS free taxes for the next fifteen years while passing NEXUS' tax burden onto already over-burdened tax-paying citizens. But considering the conflicts of interest here, why wouldn't they grant NEXUS tax abatement? It may not be to the average citizens' advantage, but keeping NEXUS in Onamia works for them... It goes back to the question of who the Onamia councilmen are working for - the citizens or for themselves.

NEXUS has also applied for tax abatement with the county, thereby again further raising everyone else's property taxes, should the county commissioners see fit to make the same mistake as the Onamia guys. Face it: somebody has to pay. If NEXUS doesn't feel like paying their property taxes, then why not raise our taxes yet again? After all, we seem to be in the mood! If the county grants NEXUS tax abatement, the Onamians will be getting a quadruple whammy - school operational levy, levy to fix the track, Onamia tax increase for NEXUS, and county tax increase for NEXUS. Whew! That's a lot of taxes! Councilmen and Commissioners alike should probably hope that the voters retain their enthusiasm when the Tax Man cometh to collect. As taxes are going up, elections are coming up.








So the referendum passed?

That's what I hear.

And our taxes are going up?

Leaps and bounds. Wait until NEXUS gets tax abatement. They'll jump off the charts!

I can barely afford my medications now. What will I do when I have to pay higher taxes for the school AND for NEXUS?

Make them rake your leaves, shovel your snow... That's the reason Onamia is giving them tax abatement.

That's a stupid reason.

Its all they have.











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