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Friday, November 23, 2007

A Change in Plans

Mille Lacs News Staff Writer

James D'Angelo indicated after the November 14 special tax abatement public hearing that building plans for the sex offender facility have changed. Pointing out that the architectural renderings, currently being presented as representations of the proposed $14 million dollar commercial sex offender institution are outdated, he stated that the three story administration/education building has been lowered to two stories. He did not elaborate on any other changes at this time, and produced no new sketches or illustrations.

The building project has seen many changes. What started out as a proposed $6-8 million dollar institution became an $8-10 million dollar project. Next we heard that it would be a $12 million dollar facility. When the county assessor was appraising the yet-to-exist-in-real-life sex offender complex, reports of its value dipped back down to around $8 million dollars... coincidentally. Now that tax abatement is in the bag, we hear that the NEXUS sex offenders will enjoy a $14 million dollar facility!

Several citizens have expressed disgust that even with the passing of the school referendum, our own kids in the Onamia public schools won't have it as good as the sex offenders - who, like most of the NEXUS employees, come from other counties.

D'Angelo did not comment on any change in style of the proposed "campus", which current designs oddly enough resemble WWII concentration camps. (See Ugly Buildings)

Construction, which was supposed to begin last August has been delayed due to one problem after another, mostly having to do with NEXUS, a multi-million dollar corporation receiving property tax relief and the City of Onamia figuring out how to circumvent existing ordinances which prohibit forcing a commercial sex offender facility in a residential area where it doesn't belong.

It does seem that when it comes to NEXUS and the City, stories keep changing. It might make one wonder if their plans are solid and responsible or if they are just winging it, letting the consequences of their ineptitude fall where they may.

Bradbury neighbors complain that these ill-formed plans are falling directly upon them, ruining their enjoyment of the properties where they have built their lives and have been paying taxes on for years and years. Somehow it just doesn't seem fair. And although construction is now slated to begin in March of 2008, local residents have indicated that those plans may also be delayed - as plans get tied up in District Court.




What are your plans for today?




If they remove the third floor, where will they remove it to?

Sometimes you don't want your neighbors dropping by.




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