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Saturday May 30, 2015

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 Outrageous Ordinance!

Onamia City Council Pulls Another Fast One!

Mille Lacs News Staff Writer

How do you fit a square peg into a round hole? Simply drill the hole bigger and bigger until the square peg slips right through. That seems to be the principle that the Onamia City Council is operating on to rezone the Nexus 38.81 acre building site (formerly the Grosslein property). In fact, that may be the only principle Mayor Larry Milton and the Onamia City Council adheres to: the old slipping-another-one-through principle. It seems all other principles (such as honesty, integrity, and fair play) have been discarded by these shady local politicians. Since the beginning of the Onamia Invasion into Bradbury Township, the city council has struggled to make the Nexus project a success. It hasn't been an easy process for them.  Starting with faulty, invalid purchase agreements through the faulty, invalid annexation application the Onamia Flub Five have been wallowing through quicksand, sinking - quite obviously - over their heads. But then, these Einsteins haven't had much experience with multi-million dollar companies. Their usual tasks have been pretty much limited to things such as telling a citizen to clean up his yard and making sure Bill Hill's grocery store parking lot gets plowed.

But they always get their way. Why? Because they have their own agenda and they don't care about doing things the right way. Just git 'er done. They will do what they want no matter what. Period. They have abused their power time and again. They have no well-thought out plans, only schemes. The Onamia council can't be accused of being - of the people, by the people, and they are definitely not for the people. They have shown how little they care about the people they are hurting. In fact, they totally disregard the will of the people the sex offender facility will affect the most, i.e. those whose property sits adjacent to the woods and hayfield. They have repeatedly violated these citizens without conscience.

But nothing has been quite so blatantly un-American and absurd as the way they have handled the zoning of the sex offenders' proposed facility. Quite simply, this type of institution does not belong in an area zoned residential. City ordinances were quite clear about that. So what's the best solution when the law states you cannot do what it is you want to do? Common sense suggests finding an appropriate location for the commercial building complex. Unfortunately, our city leaders are greatly lacking in the common sense department. Besides, doing the right thing isn't always profitable. So, unable to find a legal zoning which would be compatible to the surrounding properties,  the Onamia city council simply circumvented the laws by amending the law which stood in their way.

They changed the R-2 Multiple Family Residential District of the City of Onamia Zoning Ordinance to include the Mille Lacs Academy, a private corporation owned by Nexus. Under SUBD. 2. permitted uses in the R-2 Residential District now include:

A. All permitted uses as provided for in the "R-1" District

B. Multiple family dwelling structures consisting of three to eight units per building.

C. Residential treatment and educational facility for minors who have been adjudicated as sex offenders or have committed felony level sex offences that have been referred to the facility by the juvenile courts, county social services departments, probation officers and social workers.

After amending this ordinance, as seems to be the pattern with this inept group of city "leaders", the ordinance had to be re-amended. Who knows what the final draft will be by Wednesday's "public hearing" and subsequent unanimous voting and passing of the bogus amendment. A new addition to the Nexusville agenda, the Mille Lacs Academy Group Home will also be rezoned from Commercial to R-2.

Meanwhile, Bradbury Naysayers are elated with the new ordinance, which is so filled with malfeasance as to make a good case in court, should they decide to sue the City of Onamia et al. According to city clerk Kathleen McCullum, the entire scheme was dreamed up by city attorney Bob Ruppe as a solution to zoning problems. But if the councilmen pass the ordinance, it then becomes the city's problem.

The city council may think that this is a clever way to circumvent the law, however, this new ordinance, which will no doubt be passed on Wednesday, still constitutes "Spot-zoning".

"The game isn't over," said one Bradbury insurgent. "Its just now starting to get interesting."

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Commission of a wrongful or unlawful act, especially by a public official. In comparison, an improper or negligent performance of a lawful act is misfeasance, and a failure to perform an act required by law, or failure to carry out an obligation is nonfeasance.


Larry Milton said:

Its not personal. Its business.

Hannabelle said:

Its not business. Its personal.



Just one sex offender in the neighborhood  can drop your property value by 17%

and make your property next to impossible to sell.

Larry Milton is bestowing us with 94 of them.





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