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NEXUS Lies Exposed (continued)

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Nexus "Fact Sheet" page 1 cont.

"During the past five years, we've had no incidents, but as you can see from the statistics below, our community was not crime or problem free."

This has been an all-too common argument, and one which defies logic. Crime in the community is a separate problem. Nexus is comparing apples to oranges, covering up and lying about its own crime statistics, while at the same time offering harsh criticism of Sheriff Lindgren and Officer Bob who serve Nexus as well as the community. And keep in mind that the MLA convicted sex offenders are institutionalized. What might they do if they weren't under constant supervision? Even under this "constant supervision", at least one Onamia girl got pregnant by a Mille Lacs Academy sex offender. Another girl was exposed to the AIDS virus.


Nexus' Chart of Lies

See Police Report Statistics

One instance of child abuse involving a Mille Lacs Academy employee was reported to us last summer.  She was subsequently suspended. However, former employees have shared gruesome details with us about juvenile violence resulting in staff injuries, which were handled in-house and not reported to the authorities. Lying to and misleading the public about the risk of these juvenile offenders is irresponsible and dangerous.

"We also have a three-year follow-up study of all residents from Mille Lacs Academy." [In the field of juvenile sex offender treatment, less than a  five-years follow-up is deemed insufficient. 8 years is recommended.]

"Of the 227 kids discharged and tracked in the past three years, only two have had any reported inappropriate sexual activity back in their home communities."  [Like there's only been one incident in the past five years? After so blatantly  deceived about the number of crimes, how can we believe Nexus?] 

"This equates to extremely high success rate, one of the reasons the Mille Lacs Academy is one of the most respected programs of its kind in the nation." [We could find no evidence to support this claim.]                                                                           

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