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NEXUS Lies Exposed (continued)

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Nexus "Fact Sheet" page 2 cont.

"Mille Lacs Academy is a vibrant contributor to our local economy. We spend money in the community and our staff spend their own money in the community. This money goes to local merchants who sell more items, employ more workers and keep the cycle of economic activity spinning." [Speaking of spinning, what businesses in town benefit significantly from the sex offenders being here? We're not saying that MLA spends nothing in Onamia, but let's face it, there aren't many businesses left in the town, let alone the county which are capable of supporting the needs of a sex offender facility such as this.]

"All of this generates taxes that build local infrastructure like roads and sewers as well as services like police etc." [Yes and we taxpayers have to pay for it all, including Nexus' share! Nexus, a multi-million dollar corporation with an annual budget of over 38 million dollars and having made over $4 million dollars in PROFITS last year, has received tax abatement from the city and the county. Nexus has no business talking to us about the taxes which they have managed to avoid paying at our expense. Their business is built on taxpayer money. WE SUBSIDIZE NEXUS! We even pay for all of their police calls that 'one incident' plus the other 388.]

The number of Nexus employees has varied in report. Straight answers are hard to come by when dealing with Nexus. Our figures indicate that 64% of Mille Lacs Academy employees live outside of the county. Only a few employees live in or near Onamia. Most commute from places like Brainerd, Little Falls, St. Cloud, Aitkin, etc. MLA Executive Director Paul Smith commutes all the way from Foley Minnesota. He said he doesn't want to live next to "a school." (Doesn't Foley have schools? hmmm) Why doesn't he want to live near to the Mille Lacs Academy?

Current Nexus claim:

Next we witness some juggling, some lies by omission, as well as general bamboozlement. For instance, well over half of the $600,000 Nexus claims to be spending here is indeed for rent at Crosier. Therefore, with the new building, Crosier and the community will be losing that money. Nexus omits mentioning how much money the school district pays to Nexus.

The construction crews and building materials will not be local. The cost of the building has fluctuated between $6 million and $14 million +, depending on who Nexus is talking to. The $14 million dollar building will do nothing to benefit our community.

This local infrastructure does not follow the 1978 city plan (the last one we have to go by), does not leapfrog or complete circuits - but is a straight line running to and serving no one but Nexus. The road upgrades are for Nexus. However, added traffic in the new location may very well create problems with old roads which will have to be repaired with taxpayer money. Hard to say since NO TRAFFIC IMPACT STUDIES HAVE BEEN CONDUCTED.

BOTTOM LINE: This brochure is all propaganda to convince us that Nexus is a benefit, when its not.


"This is our community, our home, and we take community involvement seriously. It is our intent to be a good and a thoughtful neighbor."

We don't think that a little leaf-raking is worth having sex offenders in our neighborhood. In the seventeen years Nexus has been in the community, nothing special comes to mind in terms of contributions or community involvement. We're still waiting for the Nexus Library or the Nexus Firetruck or the Nexus park bench. Instead, what do we get? Higher taxes to pay for Nexus' abatement. Higher taxes to pay for the sheriff and police calls. What do we get? A very raw deal indeed.

Nexus has not respected the rights, opinions, or feelings of their prospective new neighbors. Why would that change?

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