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NEXUS Lies Exposed (continued)

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Nexus "Fact Sheet" page 4 cont.


"Our new building is designed to blend into its natural surroundings. We plan to use nature as a barrier for sight and sound for us and for our neighbors." [This must be before they discovered that the land is too low and the buildings - not one new building but several - are too high. In order to accommodate the new plans, which have been unavailable to us, the woods will be virtually cleared. There will in essence be very little nature left to act as a barrier for sight and sound. Neighbors are irate, as you might imagine.]

 "Architects have planned it so buildings, even the parking lot, will not be easily visible from the road. During winter when the trees  [what trees?] lose their leaves, there may be some visibility through the trees or over the top, but it will require close attention and effort to see us." [We will see this institution like it was a malignant black hairy mole we're unable to remove. Why? Because WE DON'T WANT THESE BUILDINGS HERE! THIS IS ALL DONE AGAINST OUR WILL AND IT VIOLATES OUR RIGHTS AS PROPERTY OWNERS!]

"This will be a beautiful campus [not in our opinion] that will serve our children [not 'our' children but convicted juvenile sex offenders from other people's counties] very effectively [That's questionable. We've seen the crime statistics as well as the research.] It will also be a point of pride for the community [Well, the city council seems to love their sex offenders] and insure that Nexus remains an important [highly debatable] part of it for many years to come." [For Eternity. Once its built, it can't be unbuilt.]

Why won't NEXUS just go away?!!!!


Is Nexus just stubborn? Or are they stupid? The picture they are advertising above isn't the current plan. Jim D'Angelo said that there have been changes. First of all, the three story buildings exceeded code limitations. They can't bury half a story in the ground due to high water tables. What little high land exists is not uniform and most likely will not support such large structures due to large amounts of peat soil. The perimeter road was not suitable for fire lanes, etc and had to be enlarged to meet the Department of Corrections' standards. Yes. Department of Corrections. These are sex offenders. The large parking lot and huge buildings will shed chemical-carrying runoff through the peat and alluvial soil, poisoning our beloved Rum River, a Scenic Waterway. This property was a bad choice for such an institution in the first place, which might be why it was zoned R1 - Single residential.


Thank you for taking the time to read this report. It took me a lot of time and effort to prepare. Getting to the truth isn't easy when there is a concerted effort to keep it hidden from the public. If you have any questions, please email us at: info at millelacsnews dot com.



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