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Thursday July 16, 2008

State Senator Betsy Wergin Resigns

State Senator Betsy Wergin has been appointed by Governor Tim - I-don't-answer-emails - Pawlenty to the Public Utilities Commission and therefore has resigned from the Minnesota Senate. It seems that Nepotism exists also at the state level. Betsy will be replacing her own brother at PUC. We don't care why she is leaving, we're just glad to see her go. Candidates to replace her have yet to be announced. A special election will take place in November. (Let's not make the same mistake again.)

Betsy Wergin was on the original committee to keep Nexus in Onamia. She thought it was a great idea - at the time. After she found out (I told her, of course) about the inappropriate location of the 94 convicted juvenile sex offenders, i.e. in a residential neighborhood next to three day care centers, elderly widows, children, and vulnerable adults, she expressed what seemed to be dismay. She denied any responsibility in the choice of the bad location. She also shared with me that she, herself has a sex offender in her own neighborhood. She is apparently content with him. That's fine. But like Mille Lacs County Commissioner Frank Courteau (who would gladly keep sex offenders in his own back yard if it weren't for the fact that his neighbors would object...) Betsy Wergin's opinion that sex offenders are o.k. in her book doesn't give her the right to put them in our neighborhood where WE DID NOT WANT THEM AND WERE NOT CONTENT.

Now Betsy is moving on.... without cleaning up the mess she helped to create. We have to live with it. We The People Betsy Wergin failed to consider, let alone represent.


Promises, Promises

One of the Pronexus arguments for keeping Nexus in the Onamia area and used to support the building of the $14 million dollar   new facility was     the supposed number of jobs generated for local workers during construction.

"Think of all the jobs!" people said...

Well, so far, that's another pipedream that hasn't come true.

The architectural firm Widseth, Smith, Nolting, and Asc. is from Baxter, MN  (Crow Wing County)

Veit, the excavation company is from Rogers, Minnesota (Hennepin County)


Nor-son, the builder is from Baxter, MN   (Crow Wing County)

Aren't there any architects, excavators, and builders in Mille Lacs County?

or perhaps Nexus doesn't think very highly of folks in Mille Lacs County. After all, most of the employees are hired and commute to the Mille Lacs Academy from other counties.



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