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July 20, 2007

Bradbury Township Meeting

Mille Lacs News staff writer

There was standing room only at the Bradbury Township Hall last night as the OACRG (Onamia Area Citizens for Responsible Growth) addressed the Township Board with concerns about Nexus and the acquisition, annexation, and rezoning of the Grosslein/Bye 38 acres.

"Unlike the Onamia City Council, the Bradbury Township Board listened to us," said one relieved resident.

"Our Township Board runs like a well-oiled machine," said another, smiling. "They're good people we can count on to do an honest job."

After listening to the citizens' concerns, a sympathetic Bradbury Township Board indicated that they were willing to help their neighbors and protect their township from future Onamia mayhem.

July 1, 2007

Public Document Exposes City Council

The Mille Lacs News recently came into possession of a public document which exposes Phil Gravel of directing the city clerk to edit out and remove a portion of the Environmental Quality Board guidelines to keep citizens from "getting any ideas" about petitioning for an Environmental Assessment Worksheet.

Monday 6/18/07

Nexus CEO Skips School

It was surprising to see how few people came to hear Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo speak about the proposed privatization of Mille Lacs Academy, considering the local current controversy about the juvenile sex offender treatment center. But Tuesday's Onamia school board meeting was a commitment Jim didn't honor. Apparently he had more pressing concerns at the Gerard Academy in Austin, Minnesota. The school board went on about their business without him.


Nexus CEO Threatens County Commissioner

Staff Writer

In a letter to County Commissioner Frank Courteau, Nexus CEO James D'Angelo stated unequivocally that Mille Lacs Academy will leave Mille Lacs County should they be denied property tax exemption. If the proposed $10 million dollar facility were to be built in Onamia, estimated property taxes would run about $447,000 per year, with over $120,000 going to the city itself, money that would be welcomed in the community. But Nexus has indicated that property tax exemption is required to keep them from leaving the community.

Ironically, 98% of Nexus' support comes from tax payers. Each county pays for it's own sex offenders, (about $235 per day per inmate). The 94 adolescents housed at the institution bring in roughly $22,000 each and every day. With an annual budget of 38 million dollars per year, Nexus still demands double-dipping privileges, expecting the tax payers to also bear the property tax burden for them.

"It doesn't seem fair!" exclaimed one Onamia businessman. "We pay our taxes, why shouldn't they?"

The Mille Lacs News repeatedly attempted to contact James D'Angelo but he refused to answer emails or return calls.


Mille Lacs Academy Juvenile Escapes

Staff Writer

"Don't try playing the safety-risk management card. It won't work," said Jim D'Angelo, CEO of Nexus. In the midst of the controversy about safety issues, where Nexus employees called MLA opponents' concerns about safety unfounded and ridiculous, yet another juvenile escaped from the Mille Lacs Academy on Sunday. A Mille Lacs County Sheriff's deputy patrolling the neighborhood advised residents to be on the lookout  for a 15 year old runaway from the Mille Lacs Academy. The missing sex offender was later picked up at the Gateway Cafe, south of Onamia.




Hannabelle's Blog:

 The Bradbury Buzzz

Caution: Not for the politically correct.

NEXUS admits

all of it's inmates have been adjudicated as sex offenders or have committed felony level sex offences.

The great mass of people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.

Adolf Hitler






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