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Tuesday September 4, 2007

Nexus Building Plans Unveiled -       

Paving Paradise



Mille Lacs News Staff Writer


After promising to leave the state of Minnesota if property tax exemption was denied - and exemption was denied - Nexus has recently released architectural sketches of it's new "academy" in Onamia. They intend to begin construction of the four building mega-complex in March, 2008. But now Nexus has declared that if it doesn't receive tax abatement, they will not build in Onamia.  Who can believe anything they say anymore?


Nexus' contradictions should no longer be surprising. They have a history of false promises and misleading statements. For example, Nexus CEO James D'Angelo went on record as stating that Nexus would work with the community on the plans: building design, building placement, and even landscaping. It was all PR. All talk. No neighboring citizens ever received their invitation to the party. No opinions were sought. Residents were left out of the planning process they had been promised they'd at least have a say in. And despite D'Angelo's promise that they will "leave a small footprint',  Nexus architects designed massive buildings which climb a full three stories high, towering over the treetops, not only giving neighbors an unwanted view of the institution, but also giving the sex offenders a good view of the neighbors.


"This is totally unacceptable," said J.J. Swift, a Bradbury Township neighbor. "How dare they think they can put that monstrosity here?" Swift said that for months she has tried in vain to make contact with Jim D'Angelo through numerous e-mails and telephone.


"He flatly refuses to answer my attempts at communication," Swift said. "So much for his promise to 'work with the community'." According to Swift, Nexus Chairman of the Board Janet Benway has also lacked the courtesy to respond.


"This corporation has rudely ignored the very people they should be considering, those whose lives will most be affected by the construction of this humongous eyesore. This is not a 'small footprint', Its Big Foot himself, plowing through and ruining our neighborhood. Its disgusting. Their message is loud and clear: We will do what we want. You can go to Hell."


A Prison

A Mental Hospital

A Big Cartoon Barn



Not only are residents upset with the three story altitude of the building, (which might exceed building height restrictions), they are displeased with the design itself.


"These buildings are ugly," Curt Lukens confirmed. "Not only are they out of character with the neighborhood, they are out of character with each other. One looks like a prison, which is really what the 'academy' is. Two look like a mental hospital, which keeps in step, considering the nature of the facility. But one looks like a big old cartoon barn! Whose idea was that? And the parking lot seems to stretch from here to Milaca."


Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'til its gone.


D'Angelo also lied about the need to remove trees. He'd once promised that the buildings would be constructed in the field, and the forested area would remain undisturbed. Now it seems that the majority of the trees will need to be clear-cut to accommodate building around the many wetland areas.


"You are correct in saying that a good portion of that acreage is wetland and we can't disturb it," D'Angelo said.  "It's impacting how we place the buildings on the site, but fortunately for us, there's room."


Not so fortunate for the unwilling neighbors who want Nexus out of there.

"There goes Steve Bye's dream of having those 'boys' frollick in the woods," Lukens said, shaking his head.


One thing seems clear:

 Nexus will change the face of the landscape forever.


They paved Paradise to put up a parking lot.





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