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July 20, 2007

In Lieu of Contributions, Nexus Donates to Itself

by Hannabelle

Mille Lacs News staff writer

Documents recently obtained by the Mille Lacs News indicate that Nexus donates to itself, and then claims the money as gifts and contributions when applying for Property tax exemption. "For example, on the 2004 Form 990 for Nexus Diversified Community Service, Inc. there is only one contributor listed, which is Nexus who contributed $348,193." Furthermore, "On the 2004 Form 990 for Nexus, the only contributor identified is Nexus  Diversified Community Service, Inc. who contributed in excess of $1 million." It should be noted that Nexus and Nexus Diversified Community Service, Inc. are both... well... Nexus. But why would a multi-million dollar corporation stage such a juggling act which presents a picture that they receive such large donations?

Nexus, themselves, admit that in the past they "have attempted to solicit contribution and gifts from the general public and due to the type of juveniles that we treat we were not very successful."

That may be so, but why promote the misconception that the organization is charity-based? Why claim your own money as a donation? Certainly, if a private citizen gave a huge donation to themselves and claimed it on their taxes, they'd be charged with FRAUD. Could Nexus be simply putting a few dollars in its own hat, hoping that sidewalk strollers will follow suit, dropping in a few quarters as they pass by? Could they be hoping to start a trend of giving by giving to themselves?

Poor Nexus has had to further admit that "the cost of the fund drives were more [than] the donations received." How embarrassing is that!

This is the same company who promises to "leave a small foot-print" on the land while it builds the largest project in Onamia's history. This is the same company who has pronounced that their convicted juvenile sex offenders are not dangerous; they don't escape (they just walk away with their counselors tagging along behind them);  the same multi-million dollar corporation who has asked the small town of Onamia to contribute towards sewer, water, streets, and other such infrastructures; and the same company who has misled the community about property tax exemption which they do not qualify for.

Perhaps if Nexus would be open and honest, telling it like it is instead of skirting around the truth, stop trying to bamboozle people, and if they would run their business in an upfront manner, maybe - just maybe - people would feel more comfortable contributing to them.





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