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Sunday May 31, 2015

Nobody wants to live next to us... because, you know, the noise, the traffic... the boys..."

Jim D'Angelo CEO






Sex Offenders do NOT belong in Residential areas.

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Gerard Inc.

Nexus Inc.

Nexus Diversified Community Services, Inc.


What is Nexus?

Nexus is a private, multi-million dollar corporation that owns and operates  juvenile treatment institutions. Onarga Academy and Indian Oaks Academy are located in Illinois. Gerard Academy and Mille Lacs Academy are in Minnesota. The Gerard branch of Nexus also owns another juvenile detention facility in Fairmont, Minnesota. Recently the corporation appealed to the Fairmont city council's refusal to rezone the facility so that it could be sold.


According to Nexus:


"The Academy is a highly structured treatment resource that serves as an alternative to incarceration for sex offenders. It gives juvenile court judges the option of rehabilitating those juvenile offenders who appear amenable to treatment and removes them from communities in which they would continue to pose a risk. If programs such as this did not exist, courts would have limited options resulting in more adolescents remaining a danger in their communities or serving time in detention or corrections programs not suited to their individual treatment needs. The Academy's treatment approach addresses the source of the adolescent's behavior problems and dramatically reduces the likelihood of future victims and the accompanying cost of adult incarceration."


These dangerous sex offenders are removed from their communities where they would continue to pose a risk,

and are placed into ours.

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What's Next for Nexus?

Since 2007, the Mille Lacs News has scrutinized Nexus, the multi-million dollar private, "non-profit" corporation whose support is derived primarily through your tax payer dollars -  and we've uncovered a lot of information about this corporation which we are proud to share with the public. Our premise is that people need to know the Truth in order to base their decisions. It may take some time to reorganize this web site, but the Mille Lacs News intends to provide you with plenty of Truth about the Nexus corporation and their sex offenders.

Stay tuned.

They're Not Columbine Knolls

Jefferson County struggles to find a place for its sex offenders.

Throw Away the Key

Boulder County slams the door on a group of juvenile homes that won't lock theirs.




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