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We were considering calling ourselves: Foundation to Urge Citizens' Knowledge of Youth Organizations Unleashed

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2015 Update: The OACRG was effectively dismantled in 2007 when Jim D'Angelo, Peter Freeman, and Nexus sued Hannabelle, proof that SLAPP lawsuits work. That is why corporations use them, (and that's why there are laws against them). The neighbors, fearing that they too would be sued gave up the fight. Silence, it seems, is indeed Golden...

None of the OACRG colleagues for whom Hannabelle had fought so hard came to help her in her time of need. They turned on her.

"I suppose it's a good lesson in human nature," says Hannabelle. "When the Nexus shitstorm hit me the hardest, rather than stand by me (like I'd stood by them), my Bradbury 'friends' abandoned me. They didn't want to 'get involved'. Due to my ordeal, I have learned to trust no one. Not my government, not my friends, not my lawyer, and especially not my neighbors."

Below is the original MLN page. We've learned a lot since then - in some cases, more than we wanted to know.

"...growth, if not carefully managed, can soon ruin or greatly diminish what is special and unique about a place." --- Governor Roy Romer


Onamia Area Citizens for Responsible Growth.

The OACRG is a neighborhood group of citizens who have organized to protest the acquisition, annexation and rezoning of 38 acres in Bradbury Township by the City of Onamia, Minnesota for the sole purpose of resale to Nexus Diversified Communities and/or Nexus Corporation.  With the assistance of the Onamia city government, Nexus plans to construct a $10 million dollar multi-building complex in the midst of a quiet, residential neighborhood, in order to relocate the Mille Lacs Academy, a juvenile sex offender facility.

Of course, nobody wants 94 sex offenders in their back yard. However, the OACRG also strongly rejects the lack of protocol and improper procedures utilized by Onamia's mayor, four member city council, and zoning administrator to accomplish this unscrupulous, illegitimate maneuver; a small town government whose methods and motivations continue to raise questions and concerns.

The Mille Lacs News

The Mille Lacs News was created to counterbalance the highly biased coverage received by our local newspaper the Mille Lacs Messenger, which supports the Mille Lacs Academy, a juvenile sex offender facility owned and operated by Nexus Corporation.  It's editor Kevin Anderson has flagrantly abused his power of the press to sway public opinion against the OACRG and their  cause, which is: to preserve their neighborhood, protect their privacy, security, and their property values as well as defending the integrity of our nation's system of democracy at ground level. Although members of the OACRG tried to tell their story through the Messenger, they have been unfairly portrayed through the media as being fearful, ignorant, insignificant, and utterly dispensable.

Our mission is to present the untold side of the story, giving a voice to those involved who have otherwise been muzzled by the Messenger's editorial agenda. Here, people can speak their minds and express opinions without being censored.

OACRG members sometimes contribute to the Mille Lacs News, and we encourage them to do so, but the OACRG is not affiliated with the Mille Lacs News. The Mille Lacs News is an independent agent whose views may or may not reflect the views of the OACRG. In other words, don't blame the OACRG for the content of the Mille Lacs News. If anything, blame Kevin Anderson.

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