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In 2007, the Onamia City Council conspired with Nexus, a private Corporation to acquire 38 acres in Bradbury Township on which to build its new unlocked Mille Lacs Academy, relocating approximately 94 juvenile sex offenders from the old Crosier site into our residential neighborhood. The following videos were created and published in opposition, our effort to procure a favorable governmental outcome as afforded all citizens through our 1st Amendment Rights under the Constitution.  Please click the links and watch the videos.

Other Videos

Messenger VIDEO




Video - "the most dangerous Catholic HS in the country". Why? Pedophile Priests are harbored in Onamia.

Note: Nexus Diversified is just one of the many subsidiaries of the Nexus Corporation.















Welcome to Nexusville


This video is an overview of Onamia, showing how twenty years of bad city government and a sex offender correctional facility can bring a town to its knees.

Original music by Hannabelle.

Public meetings were held simply because the city council was required to hold them. But the deal between the city and the corporation was cemented long beforehand. The council refused to listen. They ignored Minnesota State Law. They ignored the good of the citizens - Bradbury citizens with no power to vote.

                Fighting City Hall - Part 1

                - "Public We're Not Listening Hearing"

                Fighting City Hall - Part 2

                        - A citizen gives heartfelt testimony to a brick wall

                Fighting City Hall - Part 3

                       - A resident explains Minnesota Law to the lawbreaking council

                Fighting City Hall - Part 4

                     - The resident continues to try logic to explain safety risk. Doesn't work.

    Fighting City Hall - Part 5

    - Nexus CEO fills the city council plate with bullshit. They eat it up.  

                Fighting City Hall - Part 6

                    - Hannabelle explains Spot Zoning to deaf ears. Greed prevails.


     Pennywise, Pound FOOLISH!!!

The Onamia City Council hands over nearly a half a million dollars to a $40 Million Dollar Corporation, but quibbles over giving a few citizens free agendas at meetings. Onamia is the only government we could find who charged money for their agenda sheets.



   Onamia City Council Shows Nexus the Money

  Mayor Larry Milton and his gang of thugs give it up for Nexus. Greed trumps duty. Nexus is a 40 Million dollar corporation. The council bends over backwards to hand over tax payer money for a company that doesn't serve the town.

Jim D'Angelo- Onamia's other mayor



Onamia/Nexus Coalition

Placing Senior Citizens in Harm's Way


Nexus and the Onamia city council go "Full Steam Ahead" on the MLA relocation, defying Activists protesting that sex offender facilities are NOT allowed in a residential neighborhood next to elderly widows.




        Message to Nexusville




The Nexus Corporation sued Hannabelle over one video (and it was a good one!) that reported to the Onamia City Council an account of a child being killed by a Nexus staff member at one of their facilities, after which, Nexus sold the facility. Although the video was TRUE, and although we removed the video anyway (to avoid a second lawsuit), Nexus pursued with their bogus lawsuit for the next four years. Hannabelle triumphed in the end, of course because she innocent and always tells the Truth. The little boy's name is Tanner Wilson and it's a sad, sad story.



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