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Sometimes the questions asked are more revealing than the answers given...

Questions for the Mayor and the Onamia City Council

Mille Lacs News staff writer

Mayor Larry E. Milton and the Onamia City Council set up a special meeting on Wednesday, May 23 at the Onamia City Hall where citizens could ask questions and voice our concerns. Present to address us were: Mayor Larry, council members Bill Hill, Bob Mickus, and Jerome Kryzer, (Marc Loch was absent), Mickey Carter the zoning guy, CEO Jim D'Angelo and Pat Rooke from Nexus, Onamia Police chief Bob Matzke, Mille Lacs County Sheriff Brent Lindgren, Onamia Schools Superintendent John Varner, and D.L. Fason, an architect from the firm of Widseth Smith and Nolting. Vivian Clark from the Mille Lacs Messenger was in the front row, gathering story ideas for her  article.

Originally, we were going to prepare a list of questions to be given to the city council in advance. That sounded fair to us. However, when we tried to find out the format of this meeting, we couldn't get a straight answer. How much time would we have to speak? How many questions could an individual ask? City Clerk Kathleen McCullum told us that Larry wouldn't say.

Knowing that the mayor and the city council were not at all interested in what we had to say, determined to go through with the academy no matter how we feel or how it affects us, we predicted that Larry wouldn't even allow us to ask some of our more poignant questions anyway. The purpose of this hearing was just to say "Hey, we gave you your fricking meeting so sit down and shut up." Knowing this, we prepared our questions, printed them out, and gave copies to all who attended. It was the only way we felt we could get people to realize what is going on.

At the May 23 Onamia City Council Meeting, the following questions were submitted. What answers were given were not satisfactory. Larry tried to shut down the meeting when it came to the Nexus questions. Click below to read.


Questions for the Onamia City Council

Questions for County Commissioners

Questions for Mille Lacs County Sheriff

Questions for Onamia School District

Questions for Nexus



"The small city hall meeting room was filled to capacity. The deck had been stacked with Nexus supporters, mostly employees that we didn't recognize," said one Bradbury resident. "Larry [the mayor] tried to shut the meeting down when they got to the Nexus questions, saying it was getting too hot."



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