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Questions for Brent Lindgren, Mille Lacs County Sheriff

  1. Mille Lacs Academy is a facility for juvenile male sex offenders ages 10 through 19 years old, including registered sex offenders who have been arrested, convicted, and sent to the facility through the Juvenile Justice System in their respective counties for sexual crimes which have caused harm to others?

  2. If these offenders had been convicted as adults, where might they be serving time now?

  3. Besides the Mille Lacs Academy, Nexus operates similar facilities in Austin, Minnesota; Manteno, Illinois; and Onarga, Illinois. The Gerard Academy is located by the country club and golf course, across the freeway from the residential sector. Indian Oaks Academy is also located away from the residential population, and is situated in a large state psychiatric hospital complex which is bordered by open farmland. The Onarga Academy is located in a closed seminary and military school campus much like the Crosier facility. Question: Would you, as a law enforcement officer, recommend placing one of these Nexus-type facilities in a heavily-wooded residential neighborhood setting with day-care centers, children, single women, and senior citizens?

*  *  *  *

  1. We know there have been a number of escapes from the institution. Under what circumstances do the escapes generally occur?

  2. What time of day or night do the escapes generally occur?

  3. After annexation, any trouble at the proposed new location would be Officer Bob’s responsibility, right?

  4. But should an offender escape from the property heading in any direction but east, this would fall under the county’s jurisdiction, correct?

  5. What is the response time of the Mille Lacs County Sheriff’s Department to reach us in an emergency?

  6. Are you aware of any acts of violence occurring at the facility?

  7. Have any of the sex offenders approached or accosted community members, stopped at houses or cabins, stolen vehicles, used violence etc. while attempting to escape from the institution?

  8. The local newspaper chooses not to publish police reports about Nexus. Could you give us an idea of how many and what kinds of calls the Sheriff’s Department receives, including an accurate interpretation of the 35 pages of reports, involving Nexus?

  9. On Sunday, May 13, a fifteen year old escaped from Nexus. Under what circumstance was he able to escape, how long was he missing, and how was he eventually recaptured?

*  *  *  *

  1. Do you know how many of the juvenile sex offenders are infected with the HIV virus (AIDS)?

  2. To the best of your knowledge, have there ever been incidences where an HIV positive juvenile from the institution put any staff, law enforcement, other inmates, or private citizens at risk, whether through sexual activity or violent attacks of biting, spitting, etc.?

  3. Are there procedures or policies you follow to protect yourself when dealing with potentially violent individuals who might have the AIDS virus?

  4. Are there any procedures that we should follow?

*  *  *  *  *

  1. Keeping in mind that escapes do occur, can we be prosecuted or sued if forced to defend ourselves and our property, especially since adolescents are involved?

  2. Are we allowed to restrain and hold a runaway until the sheriff arrives?
  3. What would happen if, for example, if a Nexus runaway got bitten by my dog while on my property?

  4. What legal recourse would be available to us if we had trouble with a juvenile offender?
  5. Knowing what you know, would you personally welcome the Mille Lacs Academy relocating next door to your own home?




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