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When we were blind-sided as the City of Onamia first crossed the line, purchasing 38 acres in Bradbury Township to annex and rezone in order to relocate the Nexus academy, like some people we were supportive of Nexus remaining in Onamia, only at a more appropriate location. The threat imposed upon us by the mayor and city council forced our unwilling involvement in an all-out effort to save our homes and our quiet country lifestyle from some very poor decisions by city leaders. It has been an ugly, nasty, distasteful road to the Truth, a journey that’s forever changed us. And we aren’t through. We’ve discovered weaknesses in our government that cry out for change. We now realize that Nexus does not serve our community well, as we were led to believe. Their wealth comes from our tax dollars, but they seek tax exemption for themselves. The juveniles they treat come from other areas. Predominantly they aren’t helping the kids from our own community. Since many employees are specialists and most commute from other areas, Nexus doesn’t draw many employees from our community, except for a few lower paying jobs. Nor are their jobs lost if Nexus goes away. These people will just commute in a new direction.

We do not represent any one but ourselves. We are a group of neighbors, united by circumstance, destined through proximity, bonded through a collective injustice imposed upon us by a reckless government. We no longer support Nexus remaining in our community.




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