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Google Crosier and research for yourself.

There's a lot of information available on the Internet.

The Mille Lacs News does not support any religion that harms people - whether it be child sexual abuse or taking money from their followers.

The Catholic church may just be the breeding ground that supplies Nexus with a percentage of their sex offenders.



“What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul.”


Father Jerry Schik OSC


Schik was a member of the Nexus Board that sued Hannabelle in two bogus SLAPP lawsuits in order to dismantle public opposition to the forced relocation of a private commercial sex offender facility into our private residential neighborhood. He certainly did not support "social justice" for Hannabelle. In fact, he was so "anti-social", he refused to even talk to her. Coincidentally, Fr. Jerry is friends with some Onamia residents who were harassing Hannabelle, (yes I have PROOF, Victor...)        


BTW, it appears that he is no longer on the Nexus Board. But... he has been promoted to Pastor at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Onamia... WTG Jerry, but WWJT?



"Father Jerry Schik served as Secretary at Nexus. Mr. Schik has been Director of Nexus since July 1996. He has been the Associate Pastor of the Church of St. Odilia in Shoreview, Minnesota since 1988. Mr. Schik is an avid supporter of social justice." Bloomberg Business


Social justice is "justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society". ~Wikipedia


In 2003, Schik was appointed pastor of the St. Odilia parish. He is currently pastor of Holy Cross parish in Onamia (the Crosiers). In fact, Jerry Schik graduated from Crosier Seminary in 1965.





Question: With aproximately 50 years of ties to Crosier Seminary, St. Odilia Parish, and Nexus juvenile sex offenders, what measures has Father Jerry gone to expose the rampant pedophilia of the Crosier and St. Odilia priests? What has he done to stop the outrageous child sexual abuse by his colleagues?


And how does he justify suing Hannabelle for exercising her Constitutional Rights in trying to procure favorable government action to her cause to protect her neighborhood from "all that"?



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Are you a victim of clergy sexual abuse?


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Test your knowledge:

During the lawsuits against Hannabelle, what did Nexus, Crosier, St. Odilia, Onamia Schools, the Onamia city council and staff, and the Mille Lacs Messenger all have in common?





Crosiers Release Their List of 19 Priests Credibly Accused of Sexually Abusing Minors








Crosier - Most Dangerous Catholic High School in USA


Pictures of - "alleged" - abusive CrosiersMN


SNAP - Show the blind the need to see





St. Pedophilia


List of Assignment Records of 846 individual priests accused of sexual abuse.  Stories, biographies, and "where are they now"...

From the Catholic Church.




Using God for your own selfish purposes - the ultimate sin?

John J. Geoghan

This homosexual pedophile priest was accused of sexually abusing 130 children. He was killed in prison

Ted Haggard

President Bush's Evangelical pal, who despite preaching the evils of homosexuality, used both drugs and the services of male prostitutes.

Jimmy Swaggert

After tearfully admitting on national television that he did have sex with that woman, Swaggert publicly begged Jesus (and his donors) for forgiveness.

The Bakkers

Who can forget Jim and Tammy Faye and their solid gold faucets, paid for by gullible believers in the PTL club, who sent them money to help people? After a highly publicized sex scandal caused his resignation, Jim served prison time for fraud. Tammy continued to do "the Lord's work" until she recently died of cancer.

David Koresh

A little wacko in Waco, this self-proclaimed profit not only preached Christ's teachings to his congregation of Branch Davidians, but also had sex with their children. To protect their large stockpile of weapons, he and his followers went to war against the ATF, ending in a  massacre which will forever taint the history of America.

Jim Jones

Nearly a thousand people of his church, the People's Temple literally 'drank the Kool-aid' at Jonestown in Guyana. If they refused to commit suicide, they were murdered.

Marshall Applewhite

Another religious inspired mass suicide was ordered by this leader so that the members of his church could grab the tail of the comet which would carry them to Heaven's Gate. They didn't drink the Kool-aid. They ate the poison pudding.


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