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Sunday May 31, 2015



Fighting City Hall



Sex Offenders do NOT belong next to children's day care!

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Update: 2015

Hannabelle says: You can fight City Hall. Just don't expect to  win.

Back in 2007 when the battle began, five men in Onamia held complete power over our neighborhood in Bradbury Township, its residents, our future.

These were elected officials but we could not vote or run in the elections. Our own elected officials in Bradbury Township were powerless to stop Onamia from doing whatever it wanted to us because Onamia was  "city" and we were not. The five men were on the city council: Larry Milton, Bob Mickus, Bill Hill Jr., Jerome Kryzer, and Mark Loch.

The battle was about 38 acres in Bradbury Township which the city of Onamia would annex, purchase, sell to the Nexus Corporation, and rezone it to build a multi-million dollar unlocked juvenile treatment facility. We fought them every step of the way. With each step we found malfeasance and misfeasance, incompetence, unprofessional behavior, unwise decisions, illegality, and a total lack of responsible governing.

For example, Minnesota Statute 264.357 specifically and succinctly states:

"Subd. 7. Permitted single family use. A state licensed residential facility...shall be considered a permitted single family residential use of property for the purposes of zoning, except that a residential facility whose primary purpose is to treat juveniles who have violated criminal statutes relating to sex offenses or have been adjudicated delinquent on the basis of conduct in violation of criminal statutes relating to sex offenses shall not be considered a permitted use."

This should have been a clue that putting 94 convicted juvenile sex offenders in a commercial institution in an R1 single family zoned neighborhood was a poor idea. But this council would not be deterred. They ignored the law, ignored the opposing citizens. The city council solved their problem by misclassifying the property and then changing ordinances, at one point permitting each R2 zoned property in Onamia to build its own juvenile sex offender treatment center.

It soon became clear that they would do whatever it took to actualize their pet project. This included bullying, coercion, threats, name-calling, shouting at citizens, violating the Open Meeting Law, and going through the motions of holding public meetings when their minds had been made up long ago that Nexus would succeed.

There were no environmental impact studies, no traffic study, no studies of any kind.

The city council members lied to the public about safety risk - with no regard to public endangerment. There was a pile of false and misleading propaganda on the city clerk's desk - free for the public. They charged the Bradbury citizens 25 cents per page for city council meeting agendas. They handed Nexus, a company with a $40 million dollar annual budget a vast amount of taxpayer money as incentives. As if Nexus had anywhere else to go... The city council thought Brainerd wanted them there, but they didn't. Nexus didn't want to pay taxes, which limited them to the gullible likes of Onamia and Mille Lacs County.

The citizens were forced into a position of becoming activists. We uncovered a lot of corrupt, scandalous activities involving Milton (including the Kenny Apel deal). At the time, we were unaware that his son Sheldon was a predatory sex offender. Nor did we know that Mickey Carter the Zoning Administrator would be arrested and convicted for possessing child pornography. But we had discovered enough shady business dealings to call in the FBI.

It was rare that the entire city council assembled at once. Jerome Kryzer lived in Arizona during the winter and missed the maximum number of meetings allowed to remain a councilman. Bob Mickus missed nearly as many meetings as Kryzer did. (Personally, I only missed one - when I was in the hospital.) When voting, never did they recuse themselves due to conflicts, although there were many.

In 2007, when we uncovered that the city council was breaking its own ordinance and had been for years - by not appointing a City Planning Committee and Board of Adjustments as was required, the City Council appointed themselves to be the Planning Committee and Board.

It became pretty obvious that when it came to anything more than basic city business, these 5 greedy buffoons didn't know what the hell they were doing. But in the long run, they got it done. They succeeded in placing 24 convicted juvenile sex offenders into a vulnerable neighborhood next to child day care centers and scared old ladies.

This is not the kind of people we need in our government - especially at the lowest rung of the ladder. If local government is allowed to be corrupt, how is it possible to control corruption at the state and federal levels?

It is this writer's opinion that proven good, upstanding taxpaying long term residents with seniority in the community should somehow get better consideration than sex offenders from other counties an other states who will occupy a MLA bed for 12-18 months - without contributing anything to the town, and if anything, potentially endangering its good citizens.

We've all heard it: the love of money is the root of all evil. We've also heard that money can't buy happiness. But it can buy new carpets.

Larry Milton is dead. Bob Mickus became the new mayor and has since resigned. Mark Loch moved away. That leaves only Bill Hill Jr. and Jerome Kryzer from the city council of 2007. Although there will never be another Nexus in Onamia, those people who can run for office and vote for candidates should pay attention and do what they can to ensure that they have the good government that they deserve.


OACRG members presenting their petition opposing the annexation, acquisition, and sale of 38 acres to Nexus. The city council rejected it, with the mayor having drawn up his own petition to approve the project. His was signed by out of county friends and family of Nexus employees, faked signatures, and several repeated signatures - i.e. he cheated.



So unfair. So sad.


Back in 2007...

The Onamia city council had already determined the relocation site and worked out most of the plan details before neighborhood citizens had a clue that 94 convicted sex offenders were moving in next door. Property owners were blind-sided by the city. Shortly before Bradbury residents discovered the city's surprise, the Mille Lacs Messenger had published an article (March 15, 2006)  which stated that the new sex offender facility would possibly be built on land owned by the Crosiers , which turned out not to be the case at all.

"[Councilman Bill] Hill showed the council a number of prospective building sites, which could be made available to Nexus, the most promising of which is a parcel currently owned by the Crosiers, located east and across Hwy 169 from the Academy’s current home in the Crosier building."

In a Messenger article (March 7, 2007) it was reported:

"Nexus has expressed an interest on nearly 40 acres of land owned by Leonard and Helen Vanderpoel near the Onamia schools."


"It is a nice piece of property," Milton said of the Vanderpoel location. "But there are other properties that already have sewer and water with less work required on the roads."

When a surprise new location was announced a month later, Bradbury residents were shocked to find that the sex offender facility would be build in Bradbury Township. The 38.81 acres did not already have sewer and water, was farther away, and also required work on the roads. Residents felt as if they had been betrayed and deceived.

For the next two years, a small group of citizens (those most affected by having  sex offenders next to their homes) fought the Onamia city council. This new section of the Mille Lacs News is dedicated to bringing you the story.

It will take time to reorganize our web site and bring you details, but we intend to expose the malfeasance and incompetence of the mayor, the city council, the zoning administrator, and the city attorney as they conspired to aggressively insert sex offenders into an opposing residential neighborhood of "outsiders", changing laws along the way to strip away the rights of property owners. What happened to us was unconscionable abuse of power. And it could happen to anyone.


A Few Local Adult Sex Offenders

Zoning Guy Convicted
Sheldon Milton
Adam Lee
Aaron Heuer

Sheldon Myron Milton - the mayor's son. Predatory Sex Offender.



Other City Employees

Onamia Zoning Administrator Mickey Leroy Carter - convicted predatory sex offender

Police Chief Bob Matzke

Onamia Clerk Kathleen McCullum

City Engineer Phil Gravel (Bill Hill's cousin)


Note: There was a conspiracy between Phil Gravel and Bill Hill to keep the opposing citizens unaware of our right to petition for an EIA study. We were already aware and we also obtained a copy of the email.


"Damien. I will protect you Damien! No one will get past me!"

(just sayin'...)


Things We Learned Along the Way






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