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all of the inmates have been adjudicated as sex offenders or have committed felony level sex offences.




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Juvenile Sex Offenders: America's New Sweethearts 

by Hannabelle

Mille Lacs News staff writer

One has to wonder why a community would shun a small group of law-biding, tax-paying, good-hearted neighbors whose homes are being threatened by their government and a big, powerful corporation: and at the same time staunchly defend a large group of convicted juvenile sex offenders as if they were being unjustly criticized. Time and again, the argument becomes focused on those poor, sad, abused church-going, cookie-baking, leaf-raking kids. Screw us neighbors. Grab a rope. Get your torches and pitchforks.

First of all, let me clear up the misconception that we are anti-sex offenders. We love sex-offenders just like everybody else does. We  want them to get all the loving care they so richly deserve. And since all of us taxpayers are paying $235 per day for each and every one of the little pud-pullers, we truly hope that their therapy is working, their little psyches are being soothed, their crooked halos straightened, their damaged lives repaired. We're paying their way. We want them to succeed.

Seriously, why must it be one or the other? Why are we being ostracized and accused of hating kids when what we are interested in is protecting our homes from a large intrusive corporation who is forcing their facility down our throats? And let us not forget the small town government that's making it all possible. Pod people.....




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