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April 28, 2008

When the Majority Should

and Shouldn't Rule


Mille Lacs News Staff Writer


Growing up in a Democratic society, we've been trained to believe that "Majority Always Rules." We've all experienced when being part of the ruling majority has benefited us personally, and we've all suffered from being on the losing side. Its all part of our system. I can attest that it feels better by far to be on the winning side. But for the past year, I've been a big loser. Hey, I've lost before. For example, I certainly didn't vote for Governor George Bush - either time - and yes, I'm proud that I had the good sense not to. And I admit to my share of whining about those elections and the aftermath, as well as a certain amount of I told you sos. But still, I cast my vote for the other guys, and I lost. I can live with that. As Bradbury Township clerk Maxine Gingery said to me: "You don't always get what you want."


Majority Rule only applies if you're included

Now listen carefully. Here's the point. The people who are opposed to the Onamia city council relocating the Mille Lacs Academy did not have a vote. We did not have representation or due process. Bradbury citizens couldn't vote the city council into office, nor can we vote them out. Neither can we run against them for office. The majority of residents in Bradbury Township oppose the relocation of the Mille Lacs Academy. This particular majority has been denied its rule.


What happened here was not part of our System of Democracy. The city of Onamia has imposed itself on Bradbury Township as severely as one country invading another. This is an extremely important point. Why is it such a big deal? Think about it: if our society is to survive, we must protect the principles and ideals with which we define ourselves. If we allow Imperialism and Fascism on this most ground floor level, how can we be surprised when those in the penthouse condone things like torture, wire-tapping, and sacrificing our young soldiers in a bogus war for oil? Who keeps America beautiful? We do. You and I.


Or we don't. We let it all crumble. That's what's happening In Onamia, Minnesota. People have become so confused by the propaganda and bamboozlement over the issue of juvenile sex offenders that they are allowing the government to work in the best interest of a private multi-million dollar corporation instead of taking care of people. They are allowing lawyers to run the city council and CEOs to run the city. Does this sound anything at all like the democracy we grew up with? No!


Should majority only rule if it fits the mayor's agenda?

Here is where its easy to get confused about Majority Rule. This is a case where the majority of those affected by the relocation of the sex offender facility deeply oppose Nexus building in their neighborhood. Not only is it a majority, among adjacent property owners, it is unanimous. Yet, even with Minnesota State Law and Onamia city ordinances on their side, the mayor and city council ignore the residents and the laws and do whatever Nexus wants instead.


I can't tell you how many times I've been told that the "majority" of people in the community want that sex offender facility in my neighborhood. Therefore we must sacrifice our Constitutional Rights "for the good of the community." Even after we collected signatures from the MAJORITY -nearly every household in Bradbury Township,  Mayor Larry Milton disregarded our petition. Instead, he had his own petition with a few more signatures than we had. Majority rules? Although he copied our petition which said We Citizens of Mille Lacs County.... his petition had names from all over Minnesota as well as from people out of state, invalidating itself. Many signatures were illegible and only gave cell phone numbers, not addresses. That petition was signed by the mayor's wife as well as at least one city councilman and one former councilman even signed twice! In the old days, they used to call this sort of tactic: Dirty Pool. Its just Business as Usual in Onamia.


When the Majority has no right to rule

The concept of Majority Rules gets even more complex when we are talking about personal property which the Majority has no right to mess with. Nexus and the city council believe they are entitled to our neighborhood. They're not. Period.


How would you like it if Hannabelle paid you a visit in your home - just showed up unannounced one day and barged into your livingroom uninvited? I know, you'd probably put on coffee and get those cocoanut bars out of the freezer. It would be fun and I'll see you next Tuesday...


So forget that example. Let's say that Vinnie, a 6 foot tall, 200 pound, psychologically disturbed sex offender stops by on his way to the Cities along with a few of his close friends - Orville, Snake, Deadeye, and Captain 666. They decide to tear down your curtains, break your windows, shred your furniture with 12 inch knives, and smash the irreplaceable collection of fine English porcelain your late grandmother gave you as a  wedding present. They take turns raping your daughter, drink Aunt Tillie's weekend sherry, kick your dog, take your jewels, and beat you to a bloody pulp just before they set fire to your house and steal your car.


Now please pay attention and answer honestly. Do you think this is o.k. that they did this to you? Do you think that they are entitled to come to your home to harm you, your family, and destroy your personal property?


If you said yes, then you are Pronexus and there is no hope for you. Oh, and I'll give Vinnie and his friends your address and they'll see you next Tuesday...


Sometimes the Majority shouldn't rule. Sometimes it is not entitled to. In this case, the majority is Vinnie, Orville, Snake, Deadeye and Captain 666. You and your daughter (and the dog) are in the minority.


Just because there is a Majority does not give them the automatic right to rule.


So now do you understand why we Naysayers say nay? It isn't OUR majority. This is being imposed upon us against our will. And of course, it is all so wrong.



Vote in November and send OUT the clowns!

State Representative Sondra Erickson is Pronexus because ONE of her former students, a sex offender, successfully completed the Nexus program.

Because of that one young man, several families have been sacrificed. Her lack of consideration has caused damages to  non-sex offending people.

County Commissioner Frank Courteau was sold on the Mille Lacs Academy after spending an afternoon touring the sex offender facility with (former) Nexus CEO  Jim D'Angelo.

Commissioner Courteau would love to have it in his own backyard, except his neighbors would object. So he's fine with it being in our backyards instead.

He voted to give Nexus free tax abatement.

City Councilman Bob Mickus went on record that he would welcome 94 sex offenders in his own backyard, if only there was room for them.

Yet, we find him hard to believe. He whined about two noisy days of playground repairs. And he can't handle a few teenagers with a boombox socializing at the tennis courts in his back yard.

He voted 100% to give Nexus the moon.


I'm thinking of becoming a Lesbian child molester.

Why on earth would you do such a thing!

Because  sex offenders get all the breaks in Onamia.

I see...



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