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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nexus and Their Lies

Mille Lacs News staff writer


When we first heard that Nexus was relocating convicted sex offenders into our neighborhood, my first reaction was of course "Not In My Back Yard!"


But now that I've gotten to know them better, I can tell you this - I don't want them in my community - Period! And I'm not just talking about the sex offenders, but also about the people who work for Nexus - from the bottom on up.


Nexus: A Bad Influence


Let's start at the bottom. At first, I didn't have anything against the low level employees  - until I experienced hateful harassment from a few of them - just because I didn't want them in my personal living space. I've even received several  nasty e-mails from one of their spouses. I thought: Are these the kind of adults who should be setting an example for the troubled youth? Should they even be working with teenagers? Wouldn't it be wiser to have mature, qualified, professional employees who are clear thinkers - and who can spell? The ones I've encountered seem a little .... well, nutty themselves... Very hateful people. Very angry.


D'Angelo: Pathelogical Liar?


But these lower levels are nothing compared to the man at the top. CEO Jim D'Angelo said that Nexus would leave the area if they did not receive property tax exemption. They didn't get it, and yet they still intend to build here. So, Jim D'Angelo is a liar.


He also said, "We will leave a small footprint." That's kind of like saying that Crater Lake is a pot hole. Have you seen the plans? The new facility will be HUGE. It is imposing. Some of the buildings are three stories high and will be visible above the neighbors' trees. Again, Jim D'Angelo is a liar.


Jim D'Angelo said that the community would have input as to the plans for the buildings, their design and placement. Nobody in the neighborhood was consulted. He lied again.


Speaking of trees... He said that no trees on the property would be cut down. Now we learn that the plan calls for the forest to be clear cut! That's right, that beautiful woods will be gone. Jim D'Angelo is a chronic liar. Maybe he can't help himself.


He said that safety is not an issue. We find out that he has lied about escapes. We find out about former inmate Paul Knutson, Dustin Hoium, and Larry Black, just a few examples of MLA clientele. Sexual psychopaths aren't dangerous??? Jim D'Angelo lies.


Nexus: The Big Lie


But I doubt that his lying is the reason he is leaving Nexus. The corporation itself is dishonest. Look at the way they juggle money between Nexus and Nexus Diversified. Look at how they misrepresent their sex offender correctional institutions by calling them "academies". They pretend to be a non-profit charity in order to dodge taxes.


Not only do the Nexus people lie, they also cheat. And right now they are working on cheating us tax payers by trying to get tax abatement. If they succeed, they will be cheating everyone in the town.


Do we want people like this in our community?


I am indeed a naysayer. I say nay. Get rid of them. I do not support their dishonesty. I am not bamboozled by them. I'm smarter than that.






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Just one sex offender in the neighborhood  can drop your property value by 17%

and make your property next to impossible to sell.




Read about Larry Black

 MLA juvenile sex offender.


Sorry Bill

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in St. Cloud

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and your tax dollars




Nexus admits:

they are dangerous.



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