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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Big Bluff

Mille Lacs News staff writer


Although Nexus has been around for a long time, recently people in the area are becoming much better acquainted with the sex offender institution. And they're not liking what they are discovering.


For instance, during their tenure at Mille Lacs Academy, located in the Crosier building in Onamia, they have promoted or allowed many misconceptions to exist - intent on misleading the public about this corporation. Because.... if people know what NEXUS is all about, they won't want them in their community.


Public Misconceptions


1. Mille Lacs Academy is an academy. FALSE

     It is not. It is also not a private military school. Although education must be provided for the juvenile offenders it houses, the primary purpose of the institution is not educational. In fact, NEXUS uses the juvenile sex offenders for scientific research.


2. The MLA is sponsored by the Crosiers. FALSE

     It is not. NEXUS, a large private corporation only rents the building space from the Crosiers.


3.  The MLA provides alternate education for troubled youth who do not fit into the mainstream public school system. FALSE

     These are not wayward students, but criminal sex offenders who were convicted through the court system and placed at the MLA as an alternative to incarceration. All of their inmates have been adjudicated as sex offenders or have committed felony level sex offenses.


4. Having the sex offenders in Onamia poses no risk to the community. FALSE

     Many of these inmates are violent. NEXUS finally admitted that these sex offenders are indeed a danger. Most of the violence, escapes, and sexual problems of the offenders have been covered up and unreported to the public. President and CEO Jim D'Angelo has openly lied about the safety risk of these sex offenders. Although the sex offenders are supervised, they do escape. There have been injuries to staff, some serious. Because of their juvenile status, no one is told which inmates are HIV positive. There have been incidences of local teenage girls being involved with MLA sex offenders, resulting in exposure to the AIDS virus as well as pregnancy. Apparently, the inmates are not as well supervised as NEXUS claims.


5. NEXUS is a charity. FALSE

   The Minnesota Department of Revenue has determined that NEXUS does not qualify as a charity and therefore is TAXABLE. Property tax exemption has been denied in Crow Wing, Mower, and Mille Lacs Counties.


6. If NEXUS leaves Onamia, the town will fail, wither, and die. FALSE

     In fact, NEXUS' presence in Onamia for the past seventeen years may have contributed to the decline of the town. NEXUS provides relatively few jobs and benefits only a few individuals in the community. Most people do not want to live by sex offenders. Even most of the NEXUS employees choose to commute rather than move to Onamia. If NEXUS leaves Onamia, the town might even see a re-birth.


7. If NEXUS doesn't receive property tax abatement, they will leave Onamia. FALSE

     Jim D'Angelo threatened that if NEXUS was refused property tax exemption, that they would leave Onamia. They were in fact denied tax exemption and yet they are still here, still planning to build their sex offender facility in Onamia. If they are also denied property tax abatement, they won't leave. Nobody wants them in their communities. NEXUS has no other place to go! They will stay here- but will, however, have to pay taxes like the rest of us.


NEXUS will not leave Onamia. Nobody else wants them. They have no place else to go. Call their bluff. Make them pay taxes.  






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