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Remember the old saying:

"If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all - or we'll sue you."

May 13, 2011

Social Work Professor Peter D. Freeman is at it again, filing another injunction in Hennepin Fourth District Court against blogger Hannabelle.  He claims Hannabelle defamed him in her article "No Blood on My Hands - Peter D. Freeman". (January 22, 2010) And he wants the judge - yes, Judge Marilyn Brown Rosenbaum (again) to make her take down that article and make her stop talking about him.

"Well, he keeps using the Minnesota Justice System to harass me," said Hannabelle. "First, as a member of the Nexus Board of Directors,  Freeman brought 94 convicted juvenile sex offenders into my neighborhood and put them next to day care, elderly widows and families with children. Because of him, there are elderly women living next to sex offenders. How well do you think they sleep at night?"

In 2007, Hannabelle sought Freeman's help in stopping the Nexus/Onamia relocation project from targeting her residential neighborhood as the building site for the Mille Lacs Academy, a juvenile sex offender treatment center. At the time, Freeman worked in the Social Work Department at St. Thomas University. According to Hannabelle, she believed that as an "expert" in Social Work, if Peter Freeman were informed about the neighbors, he would ask the Onamia City Council to put the sex offenders somewhere else - away from people who would be at risk.

"Boy was I wrong," Hannabelle said. "When I called him, I expected him to at least listen to our concerns. I really thought he didn't know about us. Usually these institutions are built in non-residential areas - like institutional or commercial districts; even areas zoned industrial. But Freeman knew, all right. As soon as I identified myself, he slammed down the phone. All I had time to say was 'Please don't hang up!' but he did."

According to Freeman's testimony at trial, that phone call lasted less than a minute. Hannabelle gages it at about fifteen seconds. "He didn't even give me a chance to state our position," she said. "He was incredibly rude."

After the failed phone call, Hannabelle sent a private, confidential email to Freeman's superior, asking her to help convince Freeman that sex offenders don't belong next to day care. Peter Freeman then sued Hannabelle.

"It was pretty stupid to sue me over an email," she said. "If he hadn't sued me, I wouldn't have anything left to say. The sex offender facility is up and running - no pun intended..."

Now she writes about Freeman's lawsuit. Or Lawsuits. As Nexus Chairman of the Board, Freeman sued her for a second time.

Freeman now owns Omicron Dynamics, a consulting business. According to the latest Plaintiff's Motion, Freeman "testified that his perception of the harm in having the defamatory material about him still available on the internet is that potential clients will run a Google search on his name and then read the defamatory posting available on the material archived on the Mille Lacs News blog." 

Hannabelle maintains that nothing she's said about Freeman crosses into the defamation zone. "It all started as a SLAPP - a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation," she said. "They wanted to shut me up."

It looks like Freeman, for one, is still trying to silence Hannabelle. As to Freeman's complaint about Google, she says, "Hey. It's not my fault and not my problem. Maybe he should have thought about that before he sued me. By taking me to court, he made sure that it's now 'public information'. I can write about it. Anybody can. And I hope people will. Everybody knows that Google's out there watching us all. Freeman should have known that when he made this a public debate. I sent the email in private. He made it public when he sued me. Now he's blaming me.

"There are consequences we all must face for our actions. I know I've had my share. Maybe Peter has to take a little responsibility and face some of his own. Personally, I'm glad he went for this injunction. I read in the new documents that some of the links on the website aren't working. I'll have to get right on that."


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Daniel Webster
"There is no happiness, there is no liberty, there is no enjoyment of life, unless a man can say, when he rises in the morning, I shall be subject to the decision of no unwise judge today."
I don't get it. Why does he keep using the courts to harass poor Hannabelle?

Well dear, he must feel like she done him wrong.

She done him wrong? How did she do him wrong? He's the one that brought all those sex offenders into the neighborhood.

But she told everybody.

I don't understand. If he can go to court because she told on him... Wait. What about all the crap he's done. Putting sex offenders next to day care? Doesn't a person have the right to say something?
What about Freedom of Speech?

Freedom of Speech? Are you kidding? This is Minnesota.










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