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May 6, 2009

Another Mille Lacs Academy Sex Offender Escapes

Sometime between 10 a.m. and noon on Tuesday, May 5, another Mille Lacs Academy sex offender went missing. Apparently unnoticed, he allegedly made his way to Onamia City Councilman Bill Hill's gas and grocery store where he stole a car. He proceeded to drive the stolen vehicle from Onamia to St. Cloud, Minnesota - approximately 50 miles. While on route, the escaped sex offender stole a laptop computer from a landscape company in Foley, Minnesota. He also stopped at convenience stores along the way where he stole pornography. The offender is thirteen years old.

He was apprehended around 8 o'clock that night by St. Cloud police and placed in a secure detention facility while awaiting court proceedings.

Nexus has, in the past, downplayed the fact that convicted sex offenders escape from Mille Lacs Academy, which is an unlocked facility.

At a city meeting in Onamia (Nov. 14, 2007), former Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo personally presented this misinformation to the public, distributing a Nexus "Fact Sheet", which falsely stated that during the past decade there has only been one incident.

In an interview, Mille Lacs Academy Director Paul L. Smith, (recently indicted for several counts of fraud and embezzlement), told the Mille Lacs Messenger that the sex offenders escape "once in a Blue Moon".

However, our Mille Lacs News debunked Nexus' false claims in 2007, by providing police reports, sheriffs' reports, and reports from the MN Department of Corrections on this web site. At that time, there had been more than "one incident". There had been 389. Over 256 escapes. Read the truth.







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"Don't try playing the safety-risk card. It won't work."


Former Nexus CEO

Jim D'Angelo

to Hannabelle


"He was right. It didn't work. Now we're stuck with 94 sex offenders in our community and people think they're safe, when they aren't."



They say they're not dangerous? What could be more dangerous than a 13 year old car thief off on a spree after escaping from a sex offender institution?


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